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What do you believe in?

Anthill 7: On belief

The Antill 7: On belief. The Conversation, CC BY-ND46.9 MB (download)
Four stories on belief: from the allure of cults and conspiracy theories, to the effect of trauma on faith, to the way dogma has influenced science – and if technology can actually shift our beliefs.
Quotas do get more women in senior management, so why is the concept distrusted? Image sourced from

Quotas on the nose: that’s the view from male Australian CEOs

Tuesday’s Australian Financial Review Chanticleer survey of 33 largely male “captains of industry” reveals that quotas to improve the numbers of women in senior management positions are still overwhelmingly…
Biases can often be unconscious. Image sourced from

Unconscious bias and its impact on the gender salary gap

Chief executives who don’t care about the gender pay gap or believe that closing it will only increase costs, might want to consider some of the benefits of audits and strategies for identifying and closing…
Current claims that women hold themselves back through under-confidence aren’t really borne out in research. Image sourced from

Gap or trap? Confidence backlash is the real problem for women

Women continue to earn substantially less than men and occupy a comparatively smaller proportion of upper management positions. A new book, The Confidence Code, largely attributes this to women’s lower…
The inclination to see differences between men and women makes us blind to their similarities. Daniele Civello

Gender differences: more fictions than fact?

We see gender differences everywhere – in the psychology, thoughts and behaviour of men and women. But the inclination to see differences makes us blind to the overwhelming similarities of men and women…
Two-thirds of Australia’s ASX500 firms have no female executives, a census released by the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace agency has found.

Australian firms trail world for women in top roles

Australian companies have the lowest percentage of women in top executive roles compared to other countries with equivalent corporate structures, a new report has found. The 2012 Australian Census of Women…

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