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The legacy of capping funding for universities will be a less skilled future workforce, and an Australian youth that miss out on the educational opportunities available to their parents. Shutterstock

Capping university places will mean a less skilled and diverse workforce

Discontinuing the demand driven system will mean less people are able to get a higher education, particularly groups of people who are already at a disadvantage.
There is also strong public understanding of the benefits that flow from research undertaken in partnership between universities and other organisations. Shutterstock

Margaret Gardner: freezing university funding is out of step with the views of most Australians

The freeze on university funding not only limits opportunities for students, it puts limitations on the communities unis serve, the economy, and business interested in forming collaborations.
Kim Carr says Labor won’t support the university cuts. AAP/Lukas Coch

Now it’s an ALP somersault - on university cuts

Labor has now done a backflip on education – declaring it will combine with the Greens to block the $2.3 billion savings from higher education that it announced. The cuts were designed by the Gillard government…

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