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When politics interferes in universities – overtly or discreetly – it makes higher education less autonomous. Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

How political interference keeps hurting Africa’s universities

Africa's universities supposedly became more independent after the early 1990s. But it appears they haven't achieved much more than cosmetic autonomy from political interference.
Universities are obsessed with student retention, but should they be? Paul Miller/AAP

Universities can’t win a war on attrition

Retention and attrition rates have been a major concern to universities for many years, so much so that there are publications dedicated solely to the issue. Although universities and colleges are basically…
La Trobe’s Vice-Chancellor John Dewar defends his cuts to the humanities program. ABC News

Vice-Chancellor: La Trobe protestors abused freedom of speech

On Sunday, La Trobe University held its most successful Open Day ever, with more than 19,000 visitors. But the day was disrupted by student protests against recently announced changes to our Faculty of…

Collegiality is dead in the new corporatised university

The collaborative spirit once embraced by universities in the pursuit of community service is giving way to confidentiality and secrecy as top-down managerialism takes hold, a conference on higher education…

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