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Is it time to do away with honorary titles? Dan Himbrechts/AAP

Why do we still hand out honorary academic titles?

The decision to award former Prime Minister John Howard an honorary doctorate was criticised. So what are honorary titles - and why do we still have them?
The big news here is the changes to culture and curriculum, not degree length. Dylan's World/Flickr

Curriculum reform at Sydney uni - separating the glitz from the grit

The University of Sydney has announced an overhaul of its undergraduate teaching. If achieved, some of these reforms could be revolutionary, but much of the media attention has focused on the less important aspects.
The University of Sydney is hoping to chart a path to climate-safe investment. University of Sydney

Universities are (slowly) feeling their way forward on divestment

Another Australian university has outlined plans to reduce the exposure of its investments to climate change, and is taking a contrasting approach to the Australian National University’s high-profile divestment…
NSW premier Barry O'Farrell needs to reform the law to give Sydney University more responsibility for its colleges. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Why a solution to the St John’s scandal lies with Barry O’Farrell

Why is the University of Sydney powerless to stop bullying behaviour in what the public sees as “its colleges”? This has been a constant refrain in recent weeks as the controversy surrounding the behaviour…
The university says it has to cut hundreds of jobs to pay for building maintenance. Flickr/chengang1029

University of Sydney targets 164 teaching staff for redundancy

More than 100 academic staff at the University of Sydney are set to lose their jobs after receiving emails to inform them they could be made voluntarily redundant by July. The university this morning sent…
The university says it needs to make the cuts to fund upgrades to its buildings and IT network. Flickr/Smiley Man with a Hat

Hundreds at Sydney University to learn their fate next week

Plans by the University of Sydney to post hundreds of letters to staff on a redundancy hit list on Monday afternoon are likely to go ahead after a final round of fractious meetings this afternoon. The…

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