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Articles on Urbanisation

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Cities should be planned around existing natural resources. Stephen Appiah Takyi

Ghana: Kumasi city’s unplanned boom is destroying two rivers – sewage, heavy metals and chemical pollution detected

The inability of city authorities to enforce land-use regulations has allowed people to carry out ecologically unfriendly activities along the water bodies.
Puddles can be valuable wildlife havens. Maksim Safaniuk/Shutterstock

The secret world of puddles

Puddles are an often-ignored but crucial habitat for rare and unusual wildlife.
Rapid urbanisation and population growth in Africa have pushed people to informal settlements. Getty Images

Health risks at home: a study in six African countries shows how healthy housing saves children’s lives

The impact of housing quality extends beyond health to education and subsequent economic outcomes, particularly for children.
Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg. Getty Images

South Africa’s 2022 census: has Johannesburg stopped growing, or are the numbers wrong?

If the numbers are correct, and it’s not certain that they are, Cape Town may have overtaken Johannesburg as the largest city in South Africa.

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