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Bats can harbour viruses such as Ebola and don’t display clinical signs of disease. Janelle Lugge

Bat’s immunity may hold key to preventing future Ebola outbreaks

Bats are the natural host species for Ebola and a variety of viruses, many of which can be fatal when transmitted to humans. More than 100 viruses have been identified in bats and this number is rising…
The innate immune response causes the common signs of inflammation including swelling, pain, heat, redness and loss of function. Brandon Daniel/Flickr

Explainer: how does the immune system work?

The immune system is critical for protecting against illness-causing organisms, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, which are collectively known as pathogens. Without it, we would quickly become infected…
A new oral drug could help reduce the spread of measles. Destinys Agent/Flickr

Scientists hold hope for new measles drug

A new oral antiviral drug may be a future tool in the global fight against measles, according to a new international study…
Michael Douglas' claim that his throat cancer was caused by HPV should provide the push to protect at-risk groups. PA/Julien Behal

Douglas cancer claim shows it’s time to vaccinate boys against HPV

Actor Michael Douglas' claim that his throat cancer was caused by human papillomavirus - or HPV - has generated lots of publicity. But head and neck cancers are still thankfully still very rare. They are…
The Church of Conscious Living, which offers ‘believers’ with a religious exemption from vaccination is engaging in astroturfing. Stefani/Flickr

Divine astroturf: should anti-vaccinationists get their own church?

The akedah narrative – the story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac at God’s command – is one that has long inspired and haunted Jews, Christians and Muslims. In being prepared to kill…

A view on: vaccination myths

In recent years there’s been growing debate around the safety of vaccinations – but how much of this is based on untruths? In the latest collaboration between SBS and The Conversation, Dr Rachael Dunlop…
CSL TIV is no longer recommended for children less than five years of age in Australia. Image from

Better regulation needed for kids' flu vaccine

Flu vaccines given to children should be more rigorously tested before before being allowed onto the market, researchers…
The dose makes the poison so fear is stoked by a lack of basic understanding of chemistry and toxicology. Ellen Fitzsimons

‘Toxins’ in vaccines: a potentially deadly misunderstanding

Vaccination is one of the most important preventative measures against serious illness, but its very success may be working against it. With parents no longer having the experience of the devastating diseases…
There is no truth to claims that immunisations cause autism, brain damage or sudden infant death syndrome. theloushe

Monday’s medical myth: childhood vaccinations are dangerous

When I was an infant I had whooping cough and was ill for three months. I don’t remember it, of course, but I know it was very distressing for my parents. I do remember later trips with my researcher father…
You might feel crook after a flu vax but the injection itself can’t give you influenza. Nettsu

Monday’s medical myth: the flu vaccine will give you influenza

We hear it all the time: “I don’t want a flu vaccine. It gives you the flu.“ The old, the young, and even health professionals make this claim. And it’s usually followed by a personal example like, “the…
The community should look after the few unfortunate casualties of highly successful immunisation programs. Sarah Gilbert

All for one and one for all: no-fault compensation for vaccine reactions

Reports on people suffering an adverse reaction to immunisation focus on the suffering of one over the safety of many. But immunisation benefits the whole community so we should all bear responsibility…
Today’s findings say nothing about the factual nature of the AVN’s information. Gates Foundation

Anti-vax network wins court case but its claims are still misleading

The Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) today won its Supreme Court appeal against the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), which had ordered the anti-vaccination network to warn that its website…
Sometimes it only takes one or two powerfully conveyed stories of disease affliction to spur people into getting their vaccinations. AAP

Vaccinations in the news in 2011

Whenever stories about vaccination hit the headlines, just how deeply we value vaccines becomes strikingly clear. Whether it’s the celebration of new vaccines, the outrage at disease outbreaks, or the…
Case closed: the MMR vaccine has no relationship with autism.

Monday’s medical myth: the MMR vaccine causes autism

Few medical myths have spread as feverishly and contributed to so much preventable illness than the theory that the triple measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine might be linked to autism. The tale…
There’s a temporal link between autism being diagnosed and children getting several vaccinations. nealeanddalissa/Flickr

Muddied waters: setting the record straight about MMR vaccinations and autism

The lack of scientific literacy in the media causes much harm to public understanding of the role and importance of vaccines. The latest instance revives the same old fears using the same formula that…
Every year outbreaks of influenza in aged-care facilities create major disruption. Alyssa L. Miller

Protecting our elderly: beating flu outbreaks in nursing homes

Flu outbreaks in nursing homes can lead to pneumonia, stroke and heart attacks among elderly residents. Staff are a major potential source of infection, but only around one in five get an annual flu shot…

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