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The police intervene with tear gas against anti-tax protestors marching on the Kenyan parliament in Nairobi in June 2023. Photo by Edwin Ndeke/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Kenya protests show citizens don’t trust government with their tax money: can Ruto make a meaningful new deal?

Citizens willingly pay taxes in return for government using these resources to provide services such as education and health.
A South African street vendor awaits customers. The country has some of the highest inequality in the world. Mujahid Safodien/AFP via Getty Images

A basic income grant for South Africa: more money in poor people’s pockets, but at a heavy cost

An unfunded expansion of the social transfer system could lead to even worse economic outcomes — the medicine should not be worse than the disease.
A woman walks past a banner reading ‘prosperity’ in English and Chinese on a street in central Beijing. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)

Why there’s no real ‘common prosperity’ campaign in China

The western media has been reporting on Xi Jingping’s supposed ideological turn on bringing prosperity to all of China’s people. But his rule has seen sustained and large tax cuts on the wealthy.
COVID-19 public health measures are stalling economic activity. Getty Images

COVID-19 tax relief: a snapshot of what’s out there

Governments worldwide have put in place economic and tax relief measures to mitigate the impact on businesses and workers of drastic public health measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

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