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Good governance is critical for growth. But Canadian startups haven’t yet got a handle on the importance of governance when seeking investors. (Ravi Roshan/Unsplash)

Canadian startups need to focus on corporate governance to grow and thrive

Good business requires good governance, and startups require a particular kind of governance to help them grow and prosper. That’s why it’s so important for startups to get governance right early on.
Australia is getting better at encouraging people to consider a startup. Image sourced from

It takes a community to raise a startup

Australia is still far too ‘arms-length’ from the process of starting and growing companies.
The UK’s strong financial markets have always been attractive to startups but uncertainty might affect venture capital. Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Brexit harms startups but it may not be fatal

Brexit’s presents some problems for startups in labour, trade and regulation but its not all bad.

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