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Wayne Swan outlined his economic vision for Australia at the National Press Club today. AAP/Alan Porritt

Sorry Clive Palmer, Wayne Swan’s vision is better for Australia

Australians are in a unique place today – we are witnessing our democracy being called to account. The nature of Australian democracy is being debated by on the one hand, its Treasurer and on the other…
Wayne Swan steered Australia through the GFC, but can he weather the tough times ahead? AAP

Golden Treasurer: is Wayne Swan really the world’s best?

Spare a thought for Peter Costello. His successor as Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, has just been named Finance Minister of the Year by Euromoney magazine. It is a bit like seeing the plodding nerd at…
Family not forgotten: Tony Abbott is congratulated following his budget reply.

Middle class welfare: terrific politics, but terrible economics

“We are animated by but one desire — to do that which is best for Australia, and fair, just, and equitable to all the states, and to all classes and sections of our community.” This quote comes from the…
Does the budget lessen or deepen the male-female divide?

Tax, women and the Henry Review

The Budget: What does it have to do with tax reform? This year’s budget claims to “progress the government’s tax reform agenda, improving fairness and integrity in the tax system”. Does it? The short answer…

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