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Drawing shows men making shoes at the Philadelphia Almshouse, circa 1899. Alice Barber Stephens/Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Alfred Bendiner Memorial Collection

Philadelphia’s 200-year-old disability records show welfare reform movement’s early shift toward rationing care and punishing poor people

Amid rising unemployment, inflation and poverty in the 1830s, Philadelphia taxpayers believed welfare scammers were bleeding coffers dry. Poor lists from 1829 show they were wrong.
Food insecurity can impact both a mother’s ability or decision to breastfeed, and also the ability to purchase baby formula. (Shutterstock)

Canada’s welfare system is failing mothers with infants

Low-income mothers with infants are struggling with food insecurity, which can lead to long-term health impacts for both mothers and children.
Former Minister for Human Services Stuart Robert during hearings for the robodebt royal commission. Royal Commission into the Robodebt Scheme/AAP

‘The culmination of years of suffering’: what can we expect from the robodebt royal commission’s final report?

Beware those who offer ‘cultural’ fixes and non-binding reassurances. The government shouldn’t fall back on the very institutions that never fully acted until a royal commission.
Denying waivers to survivors of domestic violence can hinder their independence from their abusers. Alvaro Medina Jurado/Moment via Getty Images

Work requirements don’t work for domestic violence survivors – but Michigan data shows they rarely get waivers they should receive for cash assistance

People who have experienced domestic violence can have trouble finding and keeping jobs because of physical injuries and their abusers’ efforts to sabotage their employment.
In a neoliberal era, where profitability is prioritized over social duty, all orders of government in Canada are increasingly shirking responsibility for providing social services onto non-profits. (Shutterstock)

As governments shirk their responsibilities, non-profits are more important than ever

Non-profits provide critical services and social support for communities. They also provide settings where vital forms of social capital are produced.

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