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Speaking to you from an undisclosed location. Chris Goldberg via Flickr

We need to fix the way we talk about national intelligence

In the last few years, the list of sensitive government information made public as a result of unauthorised disclosures has increased exponentially. But who really benefits from these leaks? While they…
Whatever else motivates Julian Assange’s Wikileaks to use online media to break a court suppression order, it isn’t a respect for justice. AAP/Joe Castro

Not mad, bad or unusual: WikiLeaks and suppression orders

Contrary to twittering by the digerati, the Victorian Supreme Court suppression order revealed by WikiLeaks this week isn’t unprecedented. It isn’t futile, dangerous or an egregious restriction on a supposedly…
The ethical questions raised by publishing material from WikiLeaks are not new, but can come with heightened stakes in the digital age. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

WikiLeaks, journalism ethics and the digital age: what did we learn?

The journey of whistleblower website WikiLeaks was traced by, among others, Professor Gerard Goggin, chair of the Department of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney. In an analytical narrative…
Revelations of secret Trade in Services Agreement talks have brought them from the shadows. Image sourced from

Wikileaks brings much-needed scrutiny to secret trade talks

Wikileaks has shone the light yet again on behind-the-scenes manoeuvres by a core of governments seeking to advance a free market agenda in the guise of “trade”. The leaked text on financial services is…
Further global deregulation of banking might present future opportunities. Image sourced from

Why we needn’t fear the end of the Four Pillars policy

Revelations by whistleblower organisation Wikileaks of secret global negotiations to further deregulate global financial services, has led to speculation that such pact could signal the end of Australia’s…
Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger shows the UK’s legal system for what it really is. internaz

Alan Rusbridger evokes First Amendment to backward UK

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger’s appearance at the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee this week has proved revelatory in more than one sense of the word. We have heard about the events surrounding…
The big questions in the Snowden saga hinge on who knows what about encryption. Bob Lord

It’s all about cryptography as Rusbridger faces parliament

Despite all the political blustering that has surrounded Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger’s meeting with the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee this week, the real story in the Snowden affair is cryptography…
Boarded up: how companies are trumping our health. Eschipul

Beware, secret trade deals can seriously damage your health

If I asked you to name some of the current threats to your health, “international trade law” probably wouldn’t be on the tip of your tongue. Yet trade agreements, and the way we negotiate them, can affect…
Controversial preference deals and high-level resignations may seriously damage the election chances of Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks Party. AAP/Joe Castro

Is the party over for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks?

With just over two weeks to go in the campaign, Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks Party has experienced some unsettling events that suggest it may be unravelling. Assange’s Victorian Senate running mate Leslie…
The natural conclusion from the conviction of Bradley Manning is that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is now firmly in the sights of US prosecutors. AAP/UPI Media

With Bradley Manning convicted, what now for Julian Assange?

Bradley Manning’s conviction for espionage marks the closing stages in the US Army private’s personal battle. Yet for Julian Assange, founder of whistleblower website WikiLeaks and Australian Senate candidate…
The multiplying faces of Julian Assange. flickr: Xavi Valero

The real world of WikiLeaks is even stranger than the movie

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have tried to disrupt the official American version of reality, so perhaps there’s a kind of poetic justice in a Hollywood studio telling the story of WikiLeaks itself. The…
Public interest: many Americans feel that Edward Snowden acted on their behalf. Michael Fleshman via Creative Commons

Patriot games: the odds are stacked against whistleblower Snowden

The debate about whether Edward Snowden is a public interest whistleblower - the “Paul Revere” of the digital age, as his father and lawyer have dubbed him, or a “traitor”, as former vice-president Dick…
The trial of US Army private Bradley Manning - alleged to have leaked classified information to whistleblower website WikiLeaks - is underway. EPA/Michael Reynolds

WikiLeaks and aiding the enemy: the court martial of Bradley Manning

Even before his trial commenced, United States Army private Bradley Manning must have known that he would be spending a significant time in prison. Think decades rather than years. Manning pleaded guilty…
What are the ethics of media outlets reporting on the ICIJ’s leaks of tax haven dealings by individuals worldwide? EPA/Andy Rain

Trial by list: the ICIJ and questions about secrets, shame and leaks

There’s nothing like the sight of dirty linen on the line to make people indulge in a bout of lipsmacking self-righteousness and praise the noble-hearted crusading journalists. This week has seen much…
Has Julian Assange’s whistleblower website WikiLeaks set a ‘new normal’ for investigative journalism in the mainstream press? EPA/STR

Wikiworld: the future of investigative journalism

If you are a crooked corporate mogul, property tycoon or prominent politician, chances are you are sweating a little bit this week. Sure, your millions of secret tax-evading dollars are - for the moment…
Julian Assange needs to consider his Australian senate run as more than just a ticket out of the Ecuadorian embassy. EPA/Kerim Okten

Senate run must be more than a get-out-of-jail card for Assange

Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks Party is gathering momentum ahead of this year’s federal election. Prominent barrister and political figure Greg Barns has been announced as the party’s national campaign director…
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says he will run for the Australian Senate. John Keane

Lunch and dinner with Julian Assange, in prison

Everybody warned this would be no ordinary invitation, and they were right. Three hundred metres from Knightsbridge underground station, just a stone’s throw from fashion-conscious Harrods, I suddenly…
Julian Assange addresses the media from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

Strange bedfellows: Julian Assange and Ecuador

Julian Assange’s appearance on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London to hold forth on his current situation, and President Obama, added a bizarre new chapter to the long-running Wikileaks saga…

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