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Extreme drought, a predictable impact of El Niño, fuels wildfires on the island of Borneo on October 14. NASA/GSFC/LaRC/JPL-Caltech, MISR Team

What North America can expect from El Niño

The third-ever ‘super’ El Niño is under way. Here’s how it will affect your region in the US and how global warming affects this and future El Niños.

Forecasting technology to track wildfires

A new computer modelling technology has been created to continually update and predict wildfire growth for lengthy fire blazes…
Firefighters, rangers and officials have been fighting the fire for 12 days. Noah Berger/EPA

We set the fuel for the Rim Fire, climate change lit the match

The frequency of large wildfires in the western US have been increasing over the past several decades. The Rim Fire, currently threatening the Hetch Hetchy reservoir in Yosemite National Park, is an example…
Forest fires will become more severe with climate change, inevitably taking a greater toll of lives. European Press Agency

Are extreme forest fires the new normal?

The tragic events in Yarnell, Arizona, where 19 firefighters died battling a forest fire, brought to the forefront the dangers of forest fires. The changes in climate that have been observed during the…

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