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Despite anti-gas protests, Woodside pulled out of James Price Point for commercial reasons. AAP image/Cortlan Bennett

Without James Price Point, what now for Browse Basin gas?

Last Friday, Woodside announced it would no longer be developing a gas processing plant at James Price Point in Western Australia. The announcement was greeted with enthusiasm by environmental groups…
Aboriginal (Kija, Malnjin, Mirawoonga and Worla) cultural law holds that Argyle mine’s pink diamonds are scales of the female Baramundi creative Dreaming Being. Swamibu/Flickr

More than diamonds in the rough: resource struggles in the Kimberley

On Tuesday Lateline ran a story built around a report: “Developing the West Kimberley’s Resources” that the program breathlessly presented as a “secret plan” to industrialise the region, unlock its resources…

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