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Research that explores resettlement issues from refugee women’s perspectives are needed to inform settlement policy and programs effectively. Author provided

How a photo research project gives refugee women a voice in resettlement policy

Refugee women's voices are often left out of resettlement policy. A participatory research method called photovoice helps uncover resettlement issues from their perspectives.
The Brotherhood of St Laurence’s ‘Given the Chance’ program enables asylum seekers and refugees to demonstrate their skills and loyalty as employees. Brotherhood of St Laurence

‘Very loyal’ productive workers: the same people we fear as refugees

Seeking asylum from persecution is a right and people who do so are not "illegals" under the law. Yet refugees are portrayed in negative and threatening terms in Australia, while positive stories are ignored.
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Refugee populations across the globe: the facts

Refugees are created by wars and persecution. People flee their homes because their governments will not, or cannot, protect them from harm and allow them to live in peace. Under international law, as…

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