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For safety, look to text-only messaging. The Conversation, via, and kelvinsong

The only safe email is text-only email

It’s impossible to be certain of safety while using Gmail, Yahoo mail and other web-based email systems. The best solution is a radical one: It’s time to return to plain, text-only email.
Chinese dancers perform during the launching of a promotion in Shanghai in 2004, the year China became Coca-Cola’s biggest Asian market. Claro Cortes IV/Reuters

How Western companies can succeed in China

Uber’s ‘retreat’ from China has led to soul-searching about whether the country is worth it. Don’t tell that to Coca-Cola and GM, however, which have found great success in the People’s Republic.
EPA/Michael Nelson

What’s going on at Yahoo?

The options available to Yahoo following another disappointing round of earnings and increasing angst among investors.
The G20 leaders agree more must be done to address tax avoidance, but the multinationals they’re targeting could be having the last laugh. William West/AAP

Multinationals unfazed by G20 tax crackdown

The G20 finance ministers have once again agreed to cooperate to counter aggressive cross-border tax avoidance by multinationals. Many US firms are using tax avoidance schemes for their non-US earnings…
Yahoo has submitted bid for Hulu, but will the video streaming service be a good buy? alexanderwrege

Yahoo is on a shopping spree, but should it do the Hulu?

In less time than it takes for the average teenager to get bored, Yahoo has put its acquisition of blogging site Tumblr behind it and moved onto its next potential target, Hulu. A couple of years ago…
Tumblr CEO David Karp is worth US$250 million after the sale of his popular blogging platform to Yahoo. AAP

The cost of cool: Yahoo swaps cash for cachet in Tumblr deal

This is the ultimate stuff of hipster dreams. Despite the protestations of user defections, Tumblr bloggers couldn’t help but be beguiled by the attentions of 37-year-old Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, whose…
Marissa Mayer’s ban on remote work has sparked a lengthy debate about the value of working from home. Image from

Marissa Mayer is right: your company needs you (in the office)

Last week, the media went into overdrive when Marissa Mayer announced that Yahoo was doing away with telecommuting and insisting that employees come into the office and work cheek-to-cheek — or cubicle…
A memo from Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer calling all staff into the office has elicited widespread criticism, while it may not address the underlying issue of lack of collaboration. AAP

Yahoo brings workers back into the office but leaves real issues out in the cold

An internal memo to Yahoo employees has created quite a stir in the press and in social media outlets of late, questioning the leadership direction of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. According to reports, from…
The public backslapping around the hiring of a pregnant Marissa Mayer as Yahoo’s CEO acknowledges this type of discrimination is alive and well. AAP

Marissa Mayer and the business case for hiring pregnant women

The public praise heaped upon the struggling Yahoo for hiring a pregnant Marissa Mayer as its new chief executive shows a covert acknowledgement that this form of bias against women remains alive and well…

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