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Welcome to The Conversation Africa

Welcome to the first edition of The Conversation Africa, the fourth publication in a global network also operating in the US, UK and Australia.

The Conversation Africa brings you trusted content that draws on the expertise of academics and researchers. Our team is based in Johannesburg and will work with academics across Africa and internationally to bring informed expertise to a global audience.

The Conversation has a global network of 22,000 academics, making us the world’s largest global virtual newsroom. Our primary focus will be to showcase the ideas and research of African academics.

We will also be working with the other regions, sharing content and ideas. Readers will have access to the work and insights of scholars from elsewhere in the world while academics and institutions will benefit from the increased global audience and greater opportunities for collaboration.

We are non-profit and committed to the free flow of information. We have no paywall and all content is free to read and for anyone to republish. More than 18,000 sites worldwide have republished articles. The Conversation’s monthly audience is 2.5 million users on site, with a reach through republication of 22 million.

The Conversation Africa is supported by the National Research Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Knight Foundation. We are hosted by the University of the Witwatersrand and our technology infrastructure is supported by Barclays Africa. Our media partners are Reuters, the International Center for Journalists and Graham Watts, writing coach.

We invite you to join this incredibly exciting project! You can:

We hope you will enjoy the articles we publish. We’re still in a pilot phase so please give us a little time as we hit the runway. We would appreciate your feedback as we grow, and as we build our networks.

With warm regards from the team,

Editorial: Caroline Southey, Jabulani Sikhakhane, Thabo Leshilo, Natasha Joseph, Edwin Naidu, Candice Bailey, Ozayr Patel

Management: Alexandra Storey and Tanya Pampalone

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