Your questions answered on donor conception

Hi All,

Fron Jackson-Webb here – I’m one of The Conversation’s Australia-based health editors.

Thanks to IVF and donor conception, infertile couples, single women and lesbian couples now have a better chance at starting families. But while you might know someone who’s gone through the process, you may not have had a chance to ask all the questions on your mind.

Wondering about legal barriers, choosing sperm donors, why people donate sperm and eggs, who goes on the birth certificate, or tips on what to say or not say to someone undergoing IVF or to a donor-conceived family?

Ask your questions and we’ll put them to our experts to answer. You can submit your questions below in the comments, on or on Twitter using #YourQuestionsAnswered

We’re taking your questions for about a week, and will report back with a panel of experts answering your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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