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Israeli settlements in the West Bank have expanded in the 30 years since the Oslo peace process began. A view of the West Bank settlement of Modiin Ilit. Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Israel-Palestine: the legacy of Oslo and the future of a two-state solution – podcast

The final part of Inside the Oslo Accords, a special series for The Conversation Weekly podcast, marking 30 years since the signing of the Oslo accords.
US Secretary of State, James Baker, (left) meets with Palestinian leaders including Hanan Ashrawi (far right) in 1991. Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Hanan Ashrawi and Yossi Beilin on what happened after the Oslo accords handshake – podcast

In part 2 of Inside the Oslo Accords, a podcast series from The Conversation Weekly, Hanan Ashrawi and Yossi Beilin talk about what happened after the initial declaration of principles was signed.
Immigrant chefs feel more constrained in how their food is valued. Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision via Getty Images

How fine dining in Europe and the US came to exclude immigrant cuisine and how social media is pushing back – podcast

Immigrant chefs and cuisines are often constrained by Eurocentric definitions of what constitutes good food. As immigrant groups become more assimilated into US culture, so does their food.
Pro-resistance social media pages share photos of graffiti like this. Provided by Michaela Grancayova and Aliaksei Kazharski.

How protest movements use feminine images and social media to fight sexist ideologies of authoritarian regimes – podcast

From the Arab Spring to the Belarus Awakening and the ongoing Iranian protest Women, Life, Freedom, female-centered imagery and social media are battlegrounds of resistance and oppression.
Members of the feminist group Las Tesis participate in Chile’s national protest movement in Santiago, Chile, in December 2019. Elvis Gonzales/EPA-EFE

Crowdsourcing new constitutions: How 2 Latin American countries increased participation and empowered groups excluded from politics – podcast

People across Latin America are demanding greater political participation. Some countries, including Colombia and Chile, have responded by involving citizens in the making of their constitutions.

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