Tax sheltering is not just the domain of exotic Caribbean isles. Major world powers, including the United Kingdom, play a critical and previously undisclosed role in global tax avoidance. CORPNET

These five countries are conduits for the world’s biggest tax havens

The Netherlands, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Ireland are among the rich countries that funnel major corporate money into secret offshore tax shelters, according to a new study.
A virus like SARS can shut down cytokine production, enabling it to multiply to higher levels and causing significant infection and even death. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Kevin Frayer)


How the human body first fights off pathogens

We've all endured infections. Here's how it works when our bodies are attacked by viruses, bacteria or parasites, and our innate immune system becomes the first line of defence.
The cover of “Yo Soy Muslim,” one of the new books for young readers out this August. From the imprint, Salaam Reads. (Simon & Schuster)

School reading lists need strong Muslim characters

Book publishing is starting to take note of calls for inclusivity and diversity. A new imprint, Salaam Reads, may finally help educators round out their inadequate classroom reading lists.
Up to 30 per cent of young children suffer from sleep problems. (Shutterstock)

Depression risk for parents of sleepless kids

Children's sleep problems can affect not only their own wellbeing, but that of their parents. Helping parents manage these problems can also reduce their own risk of depression.
Drug-resistant strains of gonorrhoea, once easily dispatched with penicillin, are spreading across the globe resulting in chronic pain and sterility. (Shutterstock)

Canada could lead way in post-antibiotic world

Without leading edge innovations and coordination, Canadians will die from the epidemic of antibiotic resistant infections.
Wildfires may grow more frequent and intense in North America amid climate change, like the Fort McMurray blazes in 2016, which were among the worst in Canadian history. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward)

Wildfires could radically alter forests and your life

Wildfires amid climate change may spark a radical shift in forest habitats and wildlife. They aren't just a destructive force of man and nature. They're a key factor in forest ecosystem renewal.
A child walks past Mongolians holding up banners at a protest against offshore account holders in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in March. (AP Photo/Ganbat Namjilsangarav)

Mongolia: An unexpected bastion of democracy

While democracy is struggling globally and especially in Asia, Mongolians continue to vote and engage.
Four Seasons of the Canadian Flag, painted by Maxwell Newhouse for John Burge. (Maxwell Newhouse)

Painting inspires composer to connect Canadians

Composer John Burge speaks of his drive to create a musical piece to mark Canada's 150th year of confederation and to capture our collective experiences.


Why we should regulate journalists

With the rise of fake news and its threat to the public good, the time has come to regulate journalists as we do doctors, dentists and lawyers.
Children who witness crime are more vulnerable to error than adults when identifying the perpetrator. (Shutterstock)

New police lineups could help child witnesses

Child eyewitnesses make more mistakes than adults when identifying criminals. A new police lineup design could help us assess their reliability and prevent wrongful convictions.
McDonald’s unexpectedly ended its worldwide sponsorship of the Olympics last month. Here Canadian gold medallist Alexandre Bilodeau gets a snack at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Scott White)

The Olympic-McDonald’s breakup: It’s not you, it’s us

McDonald's recently ended a 40-year relationship with the Olympics. Was the decision based on the tarnished Olympic brand or were there other reasons?

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