Flood waters rise in the Montreal neighbourhood of Cartierville in May 2017. (Fred/flickr)

Urban floods: We can pay now or later

The risk of urban flooding is rising. Overall, residents and municipalities are ill prepared, but there are steps homeowners can take to protect themselves.
There’s more to e-waste than the discarded monitors, cell phones and other electronics. (Shutterstock)

Most of what you know about e-waste is wrong

No amount of post-consumer recycling can recoup the waste generated before consumers purchase their devices.
Heavy rainfall triggered extensive flooding across the province of Alberta in 2013. (Ryan L. C. Quan/Wikimedia)

Damage from flooding doesn’t have to happen

Calgary has already had two 100-year floods in less than a decade. But the city and the province have yet to take action to meaningfully lower the risk of future flood damages.
The Berry Fire burns in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, August 27, 2016. AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File

What travellers should know about wildfire risk

With elevated wildfire risks forecast across much of the western US this summer, here's how travelers can track local conditions, stay out of harm's way and avoid accidentally starting fires.
Panamanian golden frogs (Atelopus zeteki) are listed as critically endangered, and may be extinct in the wild. Jeff Kubina

Frogs build resistance to deadly fungus

Chytrid fungus has caused a global "amphibian apocalypse," killing frogs worldwide. Now some appear to be evolving resistance – but a closely related fungus threatens newts and salamanders.
He comes in peace. Matt Bertone

Why you shouldn’t kill spiders

This Speed Read makes the case why you should be nice to spiders you encounter in your home and consider a live-and-let-live policy.
Like many migratory songbirds, tree swallows are experiencing population declines in parts of their breeding range. Julia Baak

Birds wear backpacks on path to conservation

Effective conservation of migratory songbirds requires an understanding of how populations are connected between seasons. The challenge is being able to track individuals throughout the entire year.
Increased tourism in Iceland is bringing more attention to controversial practices such as commercial whaling and consumption of whale meat. ELDING/AAP

Iceland set to resume whaling

Iceland is set to resume commercial whaling in June after a two-year hiatus, arguing that the moratorium put in place by the international community was never intended to be an open-ended ban.
People will listen more when they like what they’re hearing. Shutterstock.com

How to get climate contrarians to listen

Facts will only get you so far when it comes to climate change. To get conservatives on side, climate communicators must focus on the values conservatives hold dear, such as preserving the status quo.
Could this be turned into fuel, instead of just more plastic? Shutterstock.com

Why not turn our waste plastic into fuel?

Plastic can only be recycled a few times before it becomes useless. But even non-recyclable plastic can be used to help produce petrol and diesel. Could this process help overcome the recycling crisis?

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