In this 2008 photo, Liam Gallagher of Oasis performs during a concert in Los Angeles. Noel is seen on the screen behind him. The brothers have a notoriously dysfunctional relationship. Could their father’s documented abuse of their mother explain the animosity? (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

The Oasis brothers: Abuse explains feud

Ian Hanomansing, left, and Adrienne Arsenault are part of a new four-person anchor format that will be used by The National newscast on CBC. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Are four TV anchors four times as good?

The CBC has unveiled its revamped flagship news show, "The National," with a brand new four-anchor format. The role of the news anchor has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.
Jodie Foster in Contact. Google Images

‘Contact’ and Carl Sagan’s faith

It is the 20th aniversary of Carl Sagan's sci-fi film, Contact - and a great time to celebrate its legacy and revisit its main premise of Science vs. Religion.
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces the launch of Oculus Go virtual reality headset in October. (Handout)

Oculus and our troubles with (virtual) reality

Will the arrival and popularity of Oculus Go and other VR systems make us think differently about alternative realities and so-called alternative facts?
Robert Eggers’ “The Witch” is a scary representation of Puritan life in the 17th century. (The Witch, A24 Films, 2016)

‘The Witch’ is the scariest historical film

Robert Eggers’ indie film The Witch brilliantly chronicles Puritan life in the 1630s. Horror soon ensues as children disappear into the woods and one girl, Thomasina, is accused of witchcraft.
Using federal funding to hire a student composer for the summer is an innovative idea to help support young creative talent. (Shutterstock)

Hiring a student composer for the summer

The Canada Summer Jobs program allowed the Kingston Chamber Choir to hire a student to write an original composition. Other arts organizations should follow suit to employ students in creative fields.
Strange new materials that propel the fictional Star Trek universe are being developed by scientists in reality today. Above, the USS Discovery accelerates to warp speed in an artist’s rendition for the TV series Star Trek Discovery. (Handout)

How Star Trek’s fiction could soon be fact

Advanced materials that seem like they come from Star Trek are becoming reality today.
Hugh Masekela performing during the 16th Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Esa Alexander/The Times

Hugh Masekela: Horn player with shrewd ear

South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela has made an impact across the world during his decades-long musical career – not enough attention has been paid to his innovative imagination though.
A Confederate statue lies on a pallet in a warehouse in Durham, North Carolina after protesters toppled and defaced it. AP Photo/Allen Breed

The Confederate statue controversy & iconclasm

Over the course of human history, symbols and monuments have invoked violent impulses and destruction.
Social media erupted over a video that showed a group of white girls saying the n-word while singing along to “Gold Digger,” the hit by hip-hop mogul Kanye West. (AP Photo/Brian Kersey)

White people should never rap the n-word

Last month a video of white girls singing the n-word as they danced to a hip-hop song went viral. Here a linguist breaks down the reasons white people should never use the term.
Migos performs during the Made in America Music Festival on 2 September, 2017. Mark Makela/Reuters

What is mumble rap?

What if the current cultural context is informing the production of mumble rap? In the contemporary western world, daily life is fuelled by widespread consumption of both products and images.
Gord Downie performs on stage in Toronto, on Friday Oct. 21, 2016. Downie, the poetic lead singer of the Tragically Hip whose determined fight with brain cancer inspired a nation, has died. He was 53. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young)

Gord Downie and the Canadian conversation

A performance scholar, musician and former classmate of Gord Downie looks at the legendary musician's impact on Canadian culture.
John Lennon, Yoko Ono and Pierre Trudeau at the Parliament Hill, Ottawa on 23 December 1969. The peace activists came to Canada to stage a love in and to meet with the Prime Minister. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Peter Bregg)

John and Yoko gave peace a chance

John Lennon and Yoko Ono visited Canada on a peace mission: They met with leaders and asked difficult questions, relevant today. How do we effectively protest against social injustices and war?
While the original Blade Runner provides some insight into artificial life, and the book explores power and human relationships, Blade Runner 2049 has none of that. (Handout)

Blade Runner 2049: No hope in this dystopia

Blade Runner 2049 represents a failure of the imagination. The film is a series of events strung together and steeped in narcissism, excessive self-absorption, isolation and regressive politics.
Emma Cooper created the show “Rape is Real and Everywhere” with fellow comedian Heather Jordan Ross. Scot McLean

Survivors use humour to challenge rape culture

Rape jokes are among the most controversial that comedians can tell, but a Concordia professor says laughing at the absurdity of a world that silences survivors is also an act of support and solidarity.

Quote of the Day

In light of the current rise in public xenophobic discourse what connections can we make between stories of migration today and the Japanese Canadian experience of the past? ...What is there to learn from this history so it does not repeat itself? Susanne Tabata, filmmaker, Landscapes of Injustice Project

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