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Candidates are always willing to outspend each other to boost their visibility during the campaigns amid fierce competition for the elective posts. Fredrik Lerneryd/AFP via Getty Images

Want to run for office in Kenya? Here’s how much it’ll cost you

The transactional nature of politics reduces opportunities for debate and dialogue between elected officials and their constituents.
Atul Gupta (pictured) and his brother Rajesh are the alleged masterminds behind state capture in South Africa. Kevin Sutherland/Sunday Times via Getty Images

What it’ll take for the Guptas to face corruption charges in South Africa

A judicial commission into state corruption found that the Gupta family influenced former President Jacob Zuma’s political decisions.
A lab technician in Spain picks up a reactive to test suspected monkeypox samples. Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

What’s in a name? Why giving monkeypox a new one is a good idea

The new name for monkeypox must be aligned with best practices in naming of infectious diseases to avoid the uninformed negative narrative that associates diseases with regions.
A farmer works with his tractor in front of the Kusile Power Station located in eMalahleni. In Gauteng province residents can sometimes smell the pollution coming from this direction. Wikus de Wet/AFP via Getty Images

The air in South African Highveld cities smells foul in the winter: here’s why

Johannesburg occasionally smells like rotten eggs. The wind brings the smell from the east or the southeast, where most industries are located.
Parents and relatives of abducted students demanding the release of their families who had spent 55 days in captivity as at March 12, 2021. Photo by Kola Sulaimon/AFP via Getty Images

Who’s at risk of being kidnapped in Nigeria?

Nigerians are at risk of kidnapping as the cost of committing this crime is far less than its benefits.