Nigerian Academy of Science

The Nigerian Academy of Science was inaugurated on 8th of January 1977 by an initial group of forty-five Foundation Fellows comprising distinguished scientists in the pure and applied sciences.

The Academy has since grown in membership and diversity into the highest scientific honor society in Nigeria. Since inception, the Academy has operated as a voluntary organization, independent of government control, but collaborating with the government in the growth and development of science and technology in Nigeria.

The Academy is the national member of the following organisations: Inter-Academy Panel (IAP), Inter-Academy Medical Panel (IAMP), the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC), the Inter-Academy Council (IAC), and the International Council for Science (ICSU).


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The Monkeypox virus was isolated most recently in 2012 from a dead infant mangabey (species of monkey) in Ivory Coast. Shutterstock

Monkeypox has resurfaced in Nigeria. What you need to know

A disease suspected to be monkeypox is on the rampage in Nigeria. In less than one month, it has spread to seven of the country's 36 states and infected 31 people.
A health worker vaccinates children with drops of polio vaccine in a classroom in Lagos, Nigeria. Reuters/George Esiri

Why Nigeria took so long to get non-polio endemic status

Nigeria's strategy to eliminate polio was so effective that it was duplicated to deal with ebola. So why did the country take so long to get off the list of polio-endemic countries?

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