Ethics and Religion

Kurt Morrow

Is death penalty anti-Christian?

Support for the death penalty is falling worldwide. In the Western world, the U.S. is only one of two countries that retain it. What is the Christian view?


Analysis and Comment

Is there a geometry lesson hidden in ‘The Last Supper’? Wikimedia Commons

Did artists lead the way in mathematics?

Mathematics and art are generally viewed as very different. But a trip through history – from an Islamic palace to Pollock's paintings – proves the parallels between the two can be uncanny.

Is there any way to stop ad creep?

A host of spaces that were once immune to commercial intrusion – from parks to our friendships – are now being infiltrated by advertisers. Are we being enslaved by a 'merciless master'?

The patients we do not see

For many of the nation's poor, food and shelter are more important than health care. Questions of insurance coverage loom broadly, but another question lingers: how to treat the poor we do not see.

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100 days

Trump signs the Waters of the United States executive order on Feb. 28, 2017. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

One way Trump went big league in his first 100 days

The stack of executive orders, proclamations and memoranda Trump has signed makes other presidents' stacks look puny.


French election


March for Science




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