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Right-wing British politician Nigel Farage is hit in the face with a milkshake during his general election campaign launch in Clacton-on-Sea, eastern England, on June 4, 2024. Photo by BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images

All shook up? UK’s Nigel Farage is the latest to bear the brunt of pelting as popular politics

From ancient Rome to modern times, pelting has been a performance of crowd defiance in all its joyous, furious and lawbreaking glory.
Donald Trump arrives at Trump Tower in New York on May 30, 2024, after being found guilty on 34 felony counts. Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Trump’s rhetoric after his felony conviction is designed to distract, stoke fear and ease the way for an anti-democratic strongman

Donald Trump’s reaction to his conviction provides a textbook case of demagoguery – which erodes democratic institutions and can prime an audience for violence. His followers went right along.
Is your social media group a budding democracy or someone’s fiefdom? John Trumbull's painting, Declaration of Independence, plus emoticons

Why the future of democracy could depend on your group chats

Americans associate with each other more online than off these days. How people interact in digital communities could have a big impact on democracy.

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