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Brandeis University

Characterized by academic excellence since its founding in 1948, Brandeis is one of the youngest private research universities, as well as the only nonsectarian Jewish-sponsored college or university in the country.

Named for the late Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis of the U.S. Supreme Court, Brandeis University combines the faculty and resources of a world-class research institution with the intimacy and personal attention of a small liberal arts college.

For students, that means unsurpassed access — both in and out of the classroom — to a faculty renowned for groundbreaking research, scholarship and artistic output. At Brandeis, professors bring newly minted knowledge straight from the field or lab to the graduate and undergraduate classrooms.

Brandeis supports an innovative and exciting program of learning that emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge and the solution of real-life problems. Undergraduates, from the very first year, enjoy leadership positions and research opportunities typically available only to upperclass and graduate students.


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“Les adieux d'Hector et d'Andromaque”, tableau du XVIIIe siècle représentant une scène de l'épopée antique L'Iliade. Joseph-Marie Vien, via Wikimedia Commons

Ce que la Grèce antique nous dit de l’amour maternel

Si la Grèce antique n’organisait pas de fête des Mères comme on le fait aujourd’hui, la maternité était bel et bien célébrée lors de festivités.
Eugene Debs, center, imprisoned at the Atlanta Federal Prison, was notified of his nomination for the presidency on the socialist ticket by a delegation of leading socialists who came from New York to Atlanta. George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images

The presidential campaign of Convict 9653

Can you run for president from a prison cell? One man did in the 1920 election and got almost a million votes.
Bagian dari lukisan dinding “Triumph of Galatea,” yang dibuat oleh Raphael sekitar tahun 1512 untuk Villa Farnesina di Roma. Art Images via Getty Images

Arti cinta dan hasrat dari dewa cinta Cupid

Seorang ahli klasik Yunani awal menjelaskan apa yang disampaikan mitologi dewa cinta pembawa senjata, Cupid, anak dewa cinta dan perang, tentang kesenangan dan bahaya hasrat.
The Chinese government has loosened restrictions designed to limit the spread of COVID-19. Kevin Frayer/Stringer via Getty Images

China’s loosened COVID-19 policies – following years of aggressive lockdowns and quarantines – have left the country vulnerable

Strict lockdowns, quarantines and testing have prevented many people in China from catching COVID-19. With concerns over Chinese vaccine efficacy and uptake, China may be facing a looming COVID-19 surge.
Fear about women’s power was an essential part of ancient anxiety about witchcraft. Vinicius Rafael / EyeEm via Getty Images

What Greek myth tells us about modern witchcraft

From ancient Greece to modern-day TikTok witchcraft, the world of witches has been a changing one.


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