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Some Puerto Ricans had to restore downed power lines themselves after Hurricane Maria. Alvin Baez/Reuters

Puerto Rico has not recovered from Hurricane Maria

It's been one year since a Category 4 storm turned Puerto Rico into a disaster zone. Today, nearly every pillar of society — including the economy, health care and schools — remains hobbled.
Vinegar has become as popular for some as nectar of the gods. It has a long history of high hopes for healing. Koy_Hipster/Shutterstock.com

Is apple cider vinegar good for you? A doctor weighs in

Does it seem like everyone you know drinks apple cider vinegar, mainly in hopes of losing weight? Vinegar has a long history of high hopes attached to it. A doctor who loves vinegar explains.

The Mother of All Demos

The Mother of All Demos.
In 1968 computers were the size of a room. But after the founding of Intel and the introduction of the mouse that year they would eventually fit in a pocket – and change the Silicon Valley forever.
Miles de cubanos y activistas internacionales de los derechos LGBTQ participan anualmente en el evento anual, Jornada contra la Homofobia y la Transfobia en Cuba. AP Photo/Desmond Boylan

Cuba propone legalizar el matrimonio gay y las iglesias se atreven a salir en contra

Cuba es un país laico. Pero frente a una nueva Constitución que permitiría el matrimonio gay, las iglesias han salido con fuerza a oponerse, otra señal de cambio en la isla comunista.
Do we have any reason to believe that each new generation of white people will be more open-minded and tolerant than previous ones? Elvira Koneva

Are today’s white kids less racist than their grandparents?

Over the course of two years, a sociologist studied a group of affluent, white kids to see how they made sense of sensitive racial issues like privilege, unequal opportunity and police violence.