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La información que comparten los padres en línea los ayuda a enfocarse en su papel a medida que la sociedad cambia. Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com

Los padres primerizos usan las redes sociales para entender su nuevo papel

Las tareas de los padres están cambiando, pero las expectativas de la sociedad no están al día. Muchos papás usan grupos de discusión en línea, blogs y videos para explorar su nueva identidad
High magnification view of mosquito pupae and larvae underwater. 7th Son Studio/shutterstock

A vaccine that could block mosquitoes from transmitting malaria

Researchers have tried unsuccessfully for decades to develop a malaria vaccine. Now a new approach, showing promise in mice, suggests it is possible to block mosquitoes from spreading the disease.
Discrimination creates gaps in care between white and black men. Rawpixel/Shutterstock.com

How anti-black bias in white men hurts black men’s health

White men hold more racial bias toward blacks than white women do, and this harms blacks' health in significant ways. It not only can lead to some diseases but also impedes treatment.
Journalists who cover illegal operations like logging at this site in northern Sagaing division, Myanmar, can face threats and violence. AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe

Why covering the environment is one of the most dangerous beats in journalism

Reporters who cover environment and natural resource issues are commonly threatened and harassed around the world. Some have been killed for coverage that threatens powerful interests.
For decades, native-born American Jews changed their names to improve their job prospects. Billion Photos/Shutterstock.com

Why are some Americans changing their names?

The demographics of name change petitioners today – and the reasons that they give – tell a complicated story of race, class and culture.
A Kosovo policeman directs cars in Pristina after the government banned traffic in response to extremely high fine particle pollution levels, Jan. 31, 2018. AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu

Fine particle air pollution is a public health emergency hiding in plain sight

The head of the World Health Organization calls air pollution 'the new tobacco' because it causes millions of preventable deaths yearly. Fine particle pollution is especially deadly.
Una buena noche de sueño se reduce a tener un lugar cómodo donde apoyar la cabeza. Marisa Harris/Unsplash

Hay una solución sencilla a la falta de sueño de los jóvenes

Investigadores monitorizaron el sueño de los jóvenes así como sus cerebros. Un mejor sueño implicó un desarrollo cerebral más sano, pero sorprendió la importancia algo relacionado con donde duermen.
These fresh vegetables and fruits are the result of hundreds to thousands of years of plant breeding and selection. Irina Sokolovskaya / Shutterstock.com

Skipping a few thousand years: Rapid domestication of the groundcherry using gene editing

It has taken hundreds, if not thousands, of years to create the juicy, shiny produce that you take for granted at the supermarket. But now there is a faster way to domesticate wild fruits and veggies.
Perhaps one day Humboldt pot will be as famous as Bordeaux wine. AP Photo/Richard Vogel

Can artisanal weed compete with ‘Big Marijuana’?

About two-thirds of Americans now live in states where marijuana is legal for medicinal or recreational purposes, leading some to worry corporate and Wall Street interests will take over the industry.
The US is not the only country with a stake in North Korea’s denuclearization. AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Will China help Trump denuclearize North Korea?

With all the drama between Trump and Kim, it’s easy to forget that the US is not the only nation involved in denuclearizing North Korea. China is hugely influential — but it's not clear quite how.