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Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University–Stillwater is a land-grant, sun-grant, coeducational public research university located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. OSU was founded in 1890 under the Morrill Act.


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Would you hold the mother responsible for her daughter’s weight? Courtesy of Steve Neuberg, Arizona State University, and Jaimie Krems, Oklahoma State University

People blame and judge parents for children’s heavier weights

While excess weight arises from a complex interplay of genes, environment, diet and activity, new research finds Americans hold parents responsible for excess weight in their kids.
Offrez à Minet une nouvelle boîte ou une gâterie pour animaux, mais pas les restes des repas des fêtes. Shutterstock

Les restes du réveillon peuvent être toxiques pour les chats et les chiens. Voici quoi faire si votre animal en mange

Garder les restes de nourriture humaine - et l'alcool- hors de portée des animaux domestiques est un moyen d’éviter les visites d’urgence à l’hôpital vétérinaire lors des fêtes de fin d’année.
Laws from different places and eras largely reflect a universal human sense of justice. simpson33/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Intuitions about justice are a consistent part of human nature across cultures and millennia

What people consider to be fair and just today are in line with the laws of ancient Mesopotamia and the Tang Dynasty in China – suggesting that these intuitions are part of human nature.
There’s an interesting evolutionary benefit for some women if the consequences of casual sex are high. Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

What really drives anti-abortion beliefs? Research suggests it’s a matter of sexual strategies

Some reasons people oppose abortion seem to be at odds with other positions they hold. Evolutionary social science points to a surprising motivation for anti-abortion attitudes.
Le jeûne intermittent pourrait avoir de nombreux avantages pour la santé, mais il n’existe pas encore d’étude sur ses effets à long terme. neirfy/iStock via Getty Images Plus

Le jeûne intermittent est-il pour vous ? Voici ce qu’en dit la science

Les partisans du jeûne intermittent affirment que l’horloge peut vous aider à gagner la bataille des bourrelets. Mais la science qui se cache derrière est un peu plus compliquée.
While the vast majority of primary care providers have higher confidence in vaccines than the general public, some do not. Evgeniy Shkolenko/iStock via Getty Images Plus

The 1 in 10 U.S. doctors with reservations about vaccines could be undermining the fight against COVID-19

Many COVID-19 vaccination campaigns encourage doctors to serve as a trusted source of vaccine information. But certain vaccine-hesitant providers may stymie these efforts.
‘Le Régime du corps’ described a variety of ways to maintain health by keeping the body in balance. The Bute Painter, circa 1285, MS Arsenal 2510, © Bibliothèque nationale de France

Medieval illustrated manuscripts reveal how upper-class women managed healthy households – overseeing everything from purging, leeching and cupping to picking the right wet nurse

This illustrated health manual dating back to the 13th century provides a glimpse of daily life in aristocratic households during the Middle Ages.


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