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Soil has many secrets: technology can help reveal its mysteries. Martin Bridgen

Open soil science: technology is helping us discover the mysteries under our feet

Mapping the soil with open source application is vital to understanding how to protect it.
Horror director Wes Craven was perhaps best known for his Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream series. Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Wes Craven: the scream of our times

His tombstone may say Craven, but the director carved a bold and memorable niche in the horror genre.
Students are moving into their dorms. How best can they learn? Tulane Publications

Why there is value in on-campus living

Students heading back to school face a wide variety of choices in housing. Multiple studies have shown how on-campus living can enhance learning.
To avoid a ‘food versus fuel’ conflict, researchers are exploring bioenergy crops optimized for biofuel. Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

Will low oil prices be the downfall of cellulosic biofuels?

Over the past decade, there have numerous efforts to replace petroleum-based fuels with fuel made from plants, or biofuels. One challenge to commercializing biofuel made from non-food sources — called…
Prices of gas are approaching $2 a gallon. Does that make it a good time to raise the gas tax? Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Why hiking the US gasoline tax is back on the table

It is well known that the US has a major infrastructure problem with our national highway system. Many of our bridges are in a very poor state of repair and highway maintenance is not keeping up with needs…

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