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University of Seychelles

The University of Seychelles – or UniSey as it is popularly known – is a fast-growing knowledge hub in the Indian Ocean. It is a key partner in transforming the Seychelles into a knowledge-based society.

The University of Seychelles is a young university, dating from its first intake in September 2009. Although it is young, it already shows a maturity of approach and enjoys a growing reputation.

•UniSey provides a number of University of London programmes, to offer students this international seal of approval to ensure that its initial courses are soundly based. •As well as the University of London, UniSey has entered into other international agreements with established academic institutions. •In these various ways, our graduates receive an award that meets international standards, thus gaining a competitive edge in the employment market.

Our students are taught by highly experienced academics, drawn from different universities across the world.

In any case, being a young university has its advantages. We are not held back by outworn traditions. We can respond quickly to new opportunities and encourage innovation, amongst our students as well as staff. And, knowing how important it is to build a good reputation, we seek quality in all that we do.

As a non-profit organization, our investments are directed solely towards improving the intellectual and physical environment for our students and the rest of the academic community. Working across three campuses, two of which are close to Victoria and the third along the coast to the south of the capital, UniSey is well placed to provide in-service courses in the public and private sectors, as well as full-time courses where students who can enjoy a full campus experience.

After the first five years, during which student places were limited to Seychellois, UniSey is opening its doors to international students. This will add considerably to the dynamism of classes, with the contribution of ideas from different cultures.

With a team of well-qualified and experienced academics, UniSey is now encouraging new research activities - in fields such as education and languages, culture and environmental science.

Currently, the University of Seychelles operates on three campuses: the Mont- Fleuri Campus, the Ma Joie Campus and the Anse Royale Campus.


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