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African Population and Health Research Center

The African Population and Health Research Center is the continent’s premier research institution and think-tank, generating evidence to drive policy action to improve the health and wellbeing of African people. As a progressive African-led global research center invested in creating legacy impact, our work is oriented towards global and continental development priorities, bringing independent evidence to the forefront of decisions supporting improved growth and development in the region.


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La protection sociale n'est effective que lorsque l'avortement se fait dans la discrétion.

L'avortement au Kenya et au Bénin : la sécurité médicale ne suffit pas - les filles et les femmes doivent aussi se sentir en sécurité socialement

Les femmes qui veulent avorter privilégient la protection sociale au détriment de la sécurité médicale pour échapper à la loi et à la stigmatisation. L’auto-prise en charge peut-elle être la réponse?
Social safety is only attained when the abortion is achieved discreetly. Author supplied

Abortion in Kenya and Benin: medical safety isn’t enough – women and girls need to feel safe socially too

Girls and young women do not search for medical safety when seeking abortion care. They prioritise “social safety” to avoid prosecution and social stigma. Can self-care be a solution?
A demonstrator holds a sign during a rally in support of abortion rights on May 3, 2022 in Seattle, Washington. David Ryder/Getty Images

How US policy on abortion affects women in Africa

For countries that look to the US for guidance and for funding, the consequences will go beyond abortion.
Mural en la avenida Haile Selassie en Nairobi, Kenia. Boniface Muthoni/SOPA Images/LightRocket vía Getty Images

Triunfos, errores y aprendizajes: expertos africanos reflexionan sobre la respuesta ante la covid-19

A pesar de la pandemia, las disparidades y las estructuras de poder desiguales en la salud mundial siguen intactas. Será difícil afrontar nuevos desafíos globales, como el calentamiento global, si no cambia el sistema.
A mural along Haile Selassie avenue in Nairobi, Kenya. Boniface Muthoni/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Wins, missteps and lessons: African experts reflect on two years of COVID response

It’s a huge cause for concern that, two years into the pandemic, the disparities and unequal power structures in global health are still intact.
Students at a primary school in Nairobi, Kenya, queue to have their temperature taken when public schools fully reopened on 4 January 2021. Gordwin Odhiambo/AFP via Getty Images

Deeper divide: what Kenya’s pandemic school closures left in their wake

Despite government efforts to provide digital resources for students kept out of school for most of 2020, access to these platforms was deeply unequal


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