Dedication Ceremony at St. Theresa secondary school in Lira, Uganda, 2009. Students were forced to move away from a region taken by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Jesse Awalt/Flickr

Preventing sexual violence: lessons from rebel armies in Burundi and Uganda

Not all rebel armies use rape and sexual violence as a weapon. Some have actually designed ways to prevent such atrocities. How and what can we learn from them?

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Stacks of used clothing are seen in this African warehouse. The U.S. is retaliating against countries that are restricting the import of American used clothing, a marginal industry for the U.S. but a critical one for some African nations. (Shutterstock)

America’s petty policy on used clothes for Africa

The top U.S. foreign policy goals in Africa evidently no longer relate to human rights or democratic freedoms, but to protecting tiny, marginal American industries.

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Multiple court sanctions against the powerful Pakistani politician Nawaz Sharif have spurred protests both for and against the ousted prime minister. Faisal Mahmood/Reuters

Pakistan’s activist Supreme Court endangers a fragile democracy

It's election season in Pakistan, and the Supreme Court is at war with the ruling party. Many Pakistanis wonder whether the nation's top judge is cleaning up government or staging a judicial coup.


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