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Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University, as a dynamic African University, is committed to excellence and innovation, and fostering a pioneering and inventive spirit among our students and scholars. It is a University that acts as a social laboratory for experimentation, innovation and creativity to find answers to epic challenges facing society and the economy today.

NMU recently established and launched a number of research hubs such as the Centre for Broadband Communication to conduct pioneering research around optical fibre data transport for the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope; an innovation hub to support small business in Port Elizabeth and beyond; a Centre for African Palaeoscience; and a Research Chair in Earth Systems Science. More exciting is the development currently underway of a range of new maritime and marine education and training, research, innovation and engagement programmes to support South Africa and the continent’s blue economy initiatives.


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Frédérik De Klerk et Nelson Mandela accompagnés de Bill Clinton durant la remise de la médaille de la liberté de la ville de Philadelphie, le 4 juillet 1993. Tom Mihalek/AFP

Frédérik De Klerk, héros de la fin de l’apartheid malgré lui ?

Prix Nobel de la Paix 1993 avec Nelson Mandela pour sa participation à la dissolution de l’apartheid, Frédérik De Klerk n’a jamais cessé d’entretenir le flou sur sa position vis-à-vis de ce régime.


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