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The University of Guelph is ranked as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities because of our commitment to student learning and innovative research. We are dedicated to cultivating the essentials for our quality of life - water, food, environment, animal and human health, community, commerce, culture and learning. The University community also shares a profound sense of social responsibility, an obligation to address global issues and a concern for international development.


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Experts have voiced concerns about the uptake of a recent Canadian study, in which water fluoridation was associated with slightly lower IQs in children. (Shutterstock)

Does water fluoridation really damage your children’s IQ?

Community water fluoridation is a cost-effective public health measure that can reduce cavities by approximately 25 per cent. Yet some communities are worried about it.
During the federal election campaign, Liberals promised to take critical steps to implement pharmacare. Will they deliver? (Shutterstock)

Will Canada finally get pharmacare?

To implement pharmacare, the Liberals will need to negotiate with the provinces, and the mostly Conservative premiers are unlikely to make this easy. The insurance industry also has much to lose.
La militante suédoise Greta Thunberg quitte la scène après avoir pris la parole lors de la grève du climat à Montréal le vendredi 27 septembre. La Presse Canadienne/Paul Chiasson

Cri du cœur de Greta Thunberg : oui, les « adultes » doivent en faire plus, dit une éthicienne

Les jeunes ont raison lorsqu’il s’agit du changement climatique, dit une éthicienne : les adultes ont la responsabilité morale et éthique de prendre les mesures nécessaires pour stopper les dégâts.
Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks as she takes part during the Climate Strike in New York. Tens of thousands of protesters joined rallies on Sept. 20 as a day of worldwide demonstrations calling for action against climate change. (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)

After Greta Thunberg’s UN address, an ethicist weighs in on our moral failure to act on climate change

The kids are right when it comes to climate change, says an ethicist: adults have a moral and ethical responsibility to take the necessary actions to stop climate change.
Self-injury is associated with underlying psychological distress, and increased suicide risk. But people who self-injure aren’t doing it to end their life.

It’s not only teenage girls, and it’s rarely attention-seeking: debunking the myths around self-injury

Stigma can make people who self-injure reluctant to disclose their experiences and seek help. One way to combat the stigma is to debunk some of the most common myths that surround self-injury.
Le chef du Parti conservateur Andrew Scheer prend la parole devant la Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain, le 6 septembre. Son leadership pose problème au sein de son parti. La Presse Canadienne/Peter McCabe

Les conservateurs canadiens plongés en pleine crise d'identité

Les conservateurs font face à plusieurs défis en raison des problèmes de leadership d'Andrew Scheer, de la montée des idéologies d'extrême-droite aux États-Unis et de l'essor du populisme.
In this November 2013, photo, Typhoon Haiyan survivors pass by hundreds of victims in body bags near Tacloban, Philippines. Haiyan left more than 7,300 people dead or missing. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

Myths about disaster survivors stall the global response to climate change

The Haiyan Typhoon disaster is a cautionary case for climate adaptation and mitigation because it demonstrates the seductiveness of survival myths.
B.C. green-lighted an exploration permit to a mining company, despite the fact that plans for a mine were rejected both federally and by the Tsilhqot’in National Government. (Garth Lenz/ Tsilhqot’in National Government)

Tsilhqot’in blockade points to failures of justice impeding reconciliation in Canada

Dasiqox Tribal Park offers a powerful example of what true reconciliation can mean for Canada when Indigenous peoples and their rights are respected and upheld.
Data collected by governments is a treasure trove of useful information for researchers. Shutterstock

Data collected by governments can be useful to researchers, but only when accessed carefully

A recent public deliberation in British Columbia identified that access to government data should be managed carefully and efficiently.
Raccoons, foxes, skunks and bats are all hosts of specific rabies virus variants. Humans can be infected by them all. (Shutterstock)

Rabies: How it spreads and how to protect yourself

Rabies is almost always fatal once the symptoms appear. It is also completely preventable, so long as you know how to protect yourself.
Beberapa kadal, seperti tokek, dapat mengamputasi ekornya ketika merasa terancam. Ekor ini dapat bergerak-gerak hingga 30 menit lamanya, mengalihkan perhatian dan meloloskan kadal dari genggaman pemangsa. Shutterstock

Autotomi: Hewan yang terancam predator akan mengamputasi dirinya demi bertahan hidup

Mengapa beberapa hewan mengamputasi anggota badannya sendiri? Ternyata, ada sejumlah alasan strategi ini berevolusi.
A Rohingya boy looks out from trucks carrying detained Rohingya Muslims who fled by boat from Rakhine State in KyaukTan township, about 100 kilometres from Yangon, Myanmar, in November 2018. The group had unsuccessfully tried to sail to Malaysia. (AP Photo/Thein Zaw)

The global Rohingya diaspora throws lifelines to Bangladesh and Myanmar

Equipped with rights, knowledge and skills, the global Rohingya diaspora is poised to be influential against the genocidal regime that seeks to erase their people.
Un taureau broute dans le pâturage d'une ferme près de Crémone, en Alberta, après que les Chinois aient annoncé l'interdiction d'importation de viande canadienne. Elle pourrait frapper durement le secteur agroalimentaire, dépendant des exportations vers la Chine. La Presse Canadienne/Jeff McIntosh

Viande canadienne interdite en Chine: une très mauvaise nouvelle pour le secteur agroalimentaire

Les exportateurs canadiens de bœuf et de porc dépendent de plus en plus de la Chine. C'est pourquoi le différend diplomatique entre les deux pays est si inquiétant pour le secteur agroalimentaire.

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