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L’Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa

L'Université d'Ottawa /The University of Ottawa—Un carrefour d'idées et de culture/A crossroads of cultures and ideas

Un carrefour d’idées et de cultures L’Université d’Ottawa compte plus de 50 000 étudiants, professeurs et employés administratifs qui vivent, travaillent et étudient en français et en anglais. Notre campus est un véritable carrefour des cultures et des idées, où les esprits audacieux se rassemblent pour relancer le débat et faire naître des idées transformatrices. Nous sommes l’une des 10 meilleures universités de recherche du Canada; nos professeurs et chercheurs explorent de nouvelles façons de relever les défis d’aujourd’hui. Classée parmi les 200 meilleures universités du monde, l’Université d’Ottawa attire les plus brillants penseurs et est ouverte à divers points de vue provenant de partout dans le monde.

The University of Ottawa is home to over 50,000 students, faculty and staff, who live, work and study in both French and English. Our campus is diverse with more than 300 undergraduate programs and 150 graduate degrees in 10 faculties. The university has an extensive co-op program boasting a 95 per cent placement rate. Our campus is a crossroads of cultures and ideas, where bold minds come together to inspire game-changing ideas. We are one of Canada’s top 10 research universities—our professors and researchers explore new approaches to today’s challenges. Ranked among the top 150 universities in the world, we attract exceptional thinkers and welcome diverse perspectives from across the globe.


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Uber deliberately positioned itself as a tech company to avoid the regulations of the taxi industry. (Shutterstock)

The manipulation of Uber’s public image profoundly impacted the lives of taxi drivers

The Uber Files leak reveals that the company embarked on a deliberate public relations strategy that involved the media, public officials and academics.
Epilepsy is characterized by spontaneous and recurrent seizures, often triggered by stress or visual stimuli. (Shutterstock)

What epilepsy teaches us about diversity and resilience

Our team studied the activity of neurons in people with epilepsy. Neurons in the brain regions responsible for triggering seizures were much less diverse.
L'activiste suédoise Greta Thunberg prend part à la marche pour le climat à Montréal, le 27 septembre 2019, qui a réuni quelque 500 000 personnes. La Presse Canadienne/Paul Chiasson

Crise climatique : la Cour suprême refuse d’entendre l’appel des jeunes

Il reste beaucoup à faire pour que les enfants et les jeunes soient traités comme des détenteurs de droits au Canada et que nos processus juridiques soient adaptés à leurs besoins.
The population of western chorus frogs has been declining over the past 60 years and continues to be an issue across Canada. (Shutterstock)

Finding their song: Reviving the declining western chorus frog population is now critical

Habitat protection and restoration, advanced reproductive technologies and reintroduction procedures could help slow the decline of western chorus frogs and other amphibians.
Activists hold slogans as they protest against Chinese aggression in the South China Sea outside the Chinese consulate in Makati, Philippines in November 2021. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

As China flexes its muscles in the Indo-Pacific, Canada and Australia must step up

China is posing many challenges to the Indo-Pacific region in 2022. How should Canada and Australia respond?
Many critique Disney adults as being victims of exploitation because Disney merchandise and trips to the parks come at a steep price. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Some people treat Disney as sacred. Does that make it a religion?

People are increasingly identifying less with religious tradition and are looking for meaning and identity in the things they love most.
Keenan Burning-King, à gauche, et Lucious King-Sugar, à droite, de la Première Nation des Mississaugas de Credit, jouent dans les gicleurs d'eau lors de célébrations organisées pour la Journée nationale des peuples autochtones à Mississauga, en Ontario, le 21 juin 2022. LA PRESSE CANADIENNE/Nathan Denetteeenan Burning-King

Le Canada doit respecter et reconnaître les droits des enfants

Le Canada doit se conformer à ses obligations internationales en matière de droits de la personne et mettre en place des procédures d’accès à la justice adaptées aux enfants.
Smart technology is demonstrated on a farm in Newark, Mo. (Dilip Vishwanat/AP Images/U.S. Cellular)

The dangers of big data extend to farming

Big data from social media have been revealed as biased, but we should also pay attention to agriculture firms whose play for big data is likely to have detrimental environmental and social impacts.
Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation children play in water sprinklers during National Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations in Mississauga, Ont., on June 21, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Are the kids alright? Why Canada must urgently step up to ensure children’s rights

Under international law, children have the right to be heard in legal proceedings directly or indirectly affecting them. Canada must step up to ensure all human rights apply to kids as they do adults.
It can be painful for researchers to read harshly worded criticism of their work from peer reviewers. (Shutterstock)

Peer review: Can this critical step in the publication of science research be kinder?

Peer review of research sounds like it should be a conversation between equals. Instead, it can be patronizing, demanding and simply unkind. A group of journal editors thinks this should change.
Un mémorial a été installé pour Amir Benayad, 17 ans, et d'autres victimes de fusillades, dont Meriem Boundaouia, près une veillée et une manifestation contre la violence armée à Montréal, le 16 janvier 2022. La Presse Canadienne/Graham Hughes

La prévention est le moyen le plus efficace de réduire la violence armée

Les approches punitives ne sont pas efficaces pour réduire la violence armée. De nombreuses études scientifiques montrent que la prévention en amont est le moyen le plus efficace et le plus rentable.
L’épilepsie se caractéristique principalement par la présence apparemment spontanée et récurrente de crises, souvent déclenchées par le stress ou un stimuli visuel. (Shutterstock)

Ce que l’épilepsie nous enseigne sur la diversité et la résilience

Les neurones situés dans les régions du cerveau responsables du déclenchement des crises d’épilepsie sont beaucoup moins diversifiés que les neurones des régions non responsables de celles-ci.
Global Justice campaigners in London stand by fake coffins to highlight global COVID-19 deaths. If pharma companies waived intellectual property rights, it would be easier for low- and middle-income countries to access COVID-19 vaccines. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

We still need a vaccine patent waiver, but not the one on offer at the World Trade Organization meeting

Waiving patent rights on COVID-19 vaccines and drugs is still crucial to ensure access globally, but the waiver on the table at the June World Trade Organization meeting doesn’t do the job.
Thousands of imprisoned persons in Ontario faced barriers to voting in the June 2 provincial election. Many will also be explicitly barred from voting in the upcoming municipal elections in October. (Shutterstock)

Imprisoned citizens face barriers to voting in Ontario

Elections Ontario must ensure imprisoned people are provided information on their candidates, registration assistance and facilitation by Elections Ontario employees on voting day.


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