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Dalhousie University

Founded in 1818, Dalhousie University is Atlantic Canada’s leading research-intensive university, driving the region’s intellectual, social and economic development.

Dalhousie is a truly national and international university, with more than half of our nearly 19,000 students coming from outside of Nova Scotia. Our 6,000 faculty and staff foster a diverse, purpose-driven community, one that spans 13 faculties and conducts over $135 million in research each year.

With 80 per cent of Nova Scotia’s publicly funded research, and as one of Canada’s leading universities for industry collaboration, we’re helping generate the talent, discoveries and innovations that will shape Atlantic Canada’s future.


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Now and Then finds a place alongside Beatles’ songs like We Can Work it Out or Girl which move between major-key and minor-key sections. A still from the song’s video. (YouTube)

Now and Then: How composition choices made John Lennon’s music memo into a Beatles song

For their “last single” Now and Then, the remaining 2023 Beatles kept John Lennon’s chorus, but changed where it fell. This necessary “repair” meant losing some of Lennon’s most touching passages.
A window pierced by bullets is seen from inside a house in kibbutz Kfar Azza on Oct. 10, 2023. Hamas militants overran Kfar Azza on Saturday, where many Israelis were killed and taken captive. (AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg)

Israeli hostages will undoubtedly be used as human shields in brutal Hamas-Israel war

The Israeli hostages in Gaza are living a nightmare. They’re likely to remain displaced, under duress and will be the human shields of this war.
Karim Khan, chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, speaks at a Parliament Hill news conference during his first official visit to Canada in May 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Spencer Colby

Canada’s war crimes investigation may not deter Russia, but it matters to Ukrainians

The war crimes probe signals a new path for Canada that prioritizes international law and corrects past policy failures, while validating the experiences of Ukrainians.
Memotivasi generasi muda untuk berpikir kritis tentang risiko online membantu mereka memahami bagaimana stereotip, kesenjangan, dan standar ganda seksis berdampak pada orang-orang di dunia online. AYO Production/Shutterstock.

Belajar dari Kanada: kaum muda membutuhkan lebih banyak dukungan untuk mengatasi bahaya seksual ‘online’

Pendekatan baru diperlukan untuk mengatasi cakupan pelecehan yang dialami remaja saat ‘online’.
Food insecurity can impact both a mother’s ability or decision to breastfeed, and also the ability to purchase baby formula. (Shutterstock)

Canada’s welfare system is failing mothers with infants

Low-income mothers with infants are struggling with food insecurity, which can lead to long-term health impacts for both mothers and children.
School-community partnerships are empowering children and youth to lead projects like landscaping a new Tranquility Garden in Northport, N.S., in 2020. (UpLift Partnership)

From outdoor classrooms to gardens, how Nova Scotia youth are creating healthier school communities

Involving youth in promoting health in schools can catalyze students’ ability to bring about positive change. On International Youth Day and year round, more adults could lift up youth voices.
Motivating young people to think critically about online risks helps them understand how stereotypes, inequalities and sexist double standards impact people online. (Shutterstock)

Young people need more support coping with online sexual harms

New approaches are needed to address the scope of abuse young people can experience when online.
Synthetic human embryos mimic the development of “natural human embryos,” those created by fertilization. (Shutterstock)

Synthetic human embryos could allow for research beyond the 14-day limit, but this raises ethical questions

In June, the possibility of synthetic embryos was announced at a conference. This allows some research to extend beyond the 14-day rule, which restricts experimentation on embryos beyond this period.
Artwork created by public school students about the availability of healthy foods in schools. (Sara Kirk)

School-approved Cheetos? Why we must protect school food from corporate interests

An effective national school food program can help build the foundations for a healthy population. That’s why Ottawa must limit the influence of the food industry on a national school food program.
Tenter d’organiser une journée spéciale plutôt que parfaite peut contribuer à atténuer la pression qui accompagne généralement la planification d’un mariage. (Pexels/Emma Bauso)

Comment éviter le perfectionnisme malsain lorsqu’on planifie un mariage ?

Les mariages sont de plus en plus élaborés : des chaussures aux chemins de table, tout est parfaitement coordonné. Cela est emblématique de notre obsession culturelle pour la perfection.
Une baisse des prix des denrées alimentaires pourrait immédiatement remédier au manque d'accès économique à la nourriture, mais ne s'attaquera pas aux causes profondes de l'insécurité alimentaire. (Shutterstock)

Insécurité alimentaire : au-delà du prix des aliments, il faut s’attaquer aux obstacles systémiques

Une baisse des prix des produits alimentaires pourrait immédiatement remédier au manque d’accès économique à la nourriture, mais ne s’attaquera pas aux causes profondes de l’insécurité alimentaire.
By only focusing on how to keep food costs low, we risk ignoring the underlying causes of why people cannot afford food in the first place. (Ashley Jean MacDonald)

The true cost of food: High grocery prices are not the root issue

Many people are experiencing the sticker shock of higher prices at grocery stores. But the amount we pay for food often does not reflect the real social, environmental and human costs of production.
A Russian-registered Antonov AN-124 owned by Volga-Dneper sits on the tarmac at Pearson Airport in Toronto in March 2022. It was recently seized by Canada. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

How Canada could use Russian state assets to rebuild Ukraine

The Canadian government has already seized privately owned Russian assets. Here’s what it could do to legally seize state-owned assets and use the money to help rebuild Ukraine after the war.
Health Canada’s new drug licensing proposal contains no mechanism for making fast-tracked medicines affordable. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Canada’s misguided changes to drug regulation could fast-track unproven medications and divert funds from other health needs

The federal government’s proposed Agile Licensing drug approval regulations mean Canada will have less information about the risks of new medicines, and higher costs.


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