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Women wearing their WIPNET T-shirts plan a peace jamboree the day before the Liberian election in October 2017. (Carter Center)

How women bring about peace and change in Liberia

Thousands of Liberian women have banded together to bring about peace and to fight for women's rights. They've changed the face of the African nation.
In a case last year, the Supreme Court of Canada grappled with trial delays. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick)

Dealing with trial delays without ending prosecutions

The idea that courts should routinely grant stays of proceedings in the event of trial delays is largely unique to Canada. There are ways to address trial delays without terminating prosecutions.
Save us from bush meat. Tambako The Jaguar

New action plan to save Madagascar’s at-risk lemurs

Contrary to the film of DreamWorks’ imagining, Madagascar is not ruled by King Julien and his colony of lemurs. In fact the status of the lemurs on the island – the only place on earth that they exist…
It’s a long way from the classroom to a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. Lina Attalah, Almasy Alyoum, Cairo

From campus to a Gaza flotilla: the experiences of an activist academic

Canadian academic David Heap last year took part in an activist mission to challenge the Israeli military blockade of the Palestinian enclave of Gaza. The Israeli government claims the blockade is necessary…

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