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Assistant Professor, National Catholic School of Social Service, Catholic University of America

Michael Massey is currently an Assistant Professor at the National Catholic School of Social Service at the Catholic University of America and teaches courses in social justice, diversity, human behavior, and social policy. His research interests include the school to prison pipeline, racial equity in education, antiracist practice in schools and other organizations, antiracist social work practice, and critical race theory (CRT) applications to policy and practice. His previous work in k-12 school settings, mostly as a school counselor, led to a desire to study and better understand the ways that school policies and practices promote or create barriers to educational equity. As such, he has conducted research that examine the processes that lead to racial disciplinary disparities in schools and suggest school policies that are targeted to eliminate racial hierarchy. His scholarship also extends to antiracist pedagogy in higher education and social work policy practice. Dr. Massey’s areas of expertise include the school to prison pipeline, critical race theory, racial disparities in school discipline, preventative and restorative approaches to school discipline, and antiracist teaching approaches in higher education.


  • 2019–2024
    Assistant Professor, Catholic University of America