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University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo is Canada’s top innovation university. With more than 36,000 students, Waterloo is home to the world’s largest co-operative education system of its kind. An unmatched entrepreneurial culture, combined with an intensive focus on research, powers one of the top innovation hubs in the world. Find out more at


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Beberapa program secara tidak langsung telah membantu mencegah emisi gas rumah kaca dan membantu masyarakat beradaptasi. Berbagai negara dunia harus mulai memperhatikan ini untuk memahami seberapa dekat kita dengan Perjanjian Paris. (Shutterstock)

COP26: Bagaimana dunia mengukur kemajuan aksi iklim Perjanjian Paris dan memastikan akuntabilitas setiap negara

Setiap lima tahun sekali, beberapa negara harus mengevaluasi kemajuan mereka menuju misi Perjanjian Paris. Tetapi pengadaannya kurang detail sehingga kemajuan dalam aksi iklim sulit diukur.
Facilities should work with community sport organizations and their personnel to develop return to activity frameworks. (Shutterstock)

Return to play: Tips to prevent COVID-19 transmission in sport and recreation facilities

What are the best recommendations that would help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission in sport and recreation facilities?
Some programs or activities may inadvertently help curb greenhouse gas emissions or help communities adapt. Countries must take stock of these if we are to fully understand how close we are to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. (Shutterstock)

COP26: How the world will measure progress on the Paris climate agreement and keep countries accountable

Every five years nations must evaluate their progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. But this “stocktake” lacks detail making it difficult to measure progress on climate action.
Not all fires are disastrous. For many ecosystems, fire plays a key role in boosting biodiversity. (BLM Oregon and Washington)

How Indigenous burning practices can help curb the biodiversity crisis

Large and out-of-control wildfires can seriously damage ecosystems, but Indigenous fire practices can keep ecosystems healthy and resilient, and even increase biodiversity.
Concerns have been raised over grief being severely, negatively impacted by the pandemic. (Zackary Drucker/The Gender Spectrum Collection)

As COVID-19 restrictions lift, grief literacy can help us support those around us

The negative impact of the pandemic on grief has raised concerns. Our study shows that 15 per cent of people dealing with grief are at risk of what’s known as complicated grief.
De nouveaux rites funéraires ont vu le jour pendant la pandémie. (Shutterstock)

Après-pandémie : il est temps de renouer avec les endeuillés

La pandémie aura été un moment particulièrement éprouvant pour les personnes ayant vécu un deuil. En ce moment de déconfinement, il importe de réfléchir collectivement au sens des rituels funéraires.
De l'omble chevalier sèche au soleil à Gjoa Haven, au Nunavut. Des polluants persistants (PFAS) ont été retrouvés dans le sang des populations isolées du Nord canadien. La Presse Canadienne/Jason Franson

Des contaminants persistants détectés chez les populations du Nord canadien

Les régions arctiques et subarctiques ne sont plus exemptes de contamination industrielle. Des polluants persistants (PFAS) ont été retrouvés dans le sang des populations isolées du Nord canadien.
If successful, solar geoengineering would would reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth’s surface and warms the planet. (Shutterstock)

Solar geoengineering could limit global warming, but Canada should study risks and benefits first

Solar geoengineering could theoretically cool the Earth to slow global warming, and it has been controversial. Still, countries should research its risks and benefits.
Instead of asking how universities might benefit from shifting courses online permanently, we ought to ask how students might suffer from fewer opportunities for lived experience and practice. (Shutterstock)

The problem with online learning? It doesn’t teach people to think

We ought to worry that the pandemic has made it even easier to reduce teaching to disseminating knowledge.
Black people constitute a significant percentage of the global Arab population. (Brett Jordan/Unsplash)

Uncovering anti-Blackness in the Arab world

Black Arabs face racism and discrimination throughout the Arab world. Exposing this anti-Blackness is challenging but critical work.
Artist Alanis Morissette receives her lifetime achievement award from the Canadian Music Hall of Fame during the 2015 Juno Awards. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette

Junos 50th anniversary: How we remember these award-winning hit singles

Known variously in Juno history as ‘Best Single,’ or ‘Best-Selling Single,’ and now ‘Single of the Year’ this award always garners attention. Reflections on select singles since 1979.
All 129 men who embarked on the Franklin expedition died. DNA analysis is being used to identify the remains. (Shutterstock)

DNA analysis reveals the identity of a member of the doomed Franklin Arctic expedition

129 officers and crew died during the 1845 Franklin Northwest Passage expedition. DNA analysis from their remains of members can reveal the identity of the men who perished during the journey.
Children’s increased screen time, exacerbated by remote learning during COVID-19, is directly contributing to increases in childhood myopia. (iStock)

Hidden in plain sight: How the COVID-19 pandemic is damaging children’s vision

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in children spending more time on digital devices, which may have a long-term impact on their vision, including the risk of myopia.
Le premier ministre du Québec, François Legault (à gauche), le ministre de la Santé du Québec, Christian Dube (à droite) et Horacio Arruda, directeur national de la Santé publique du Québec (au centre) se rendent à la conférence de presse sur la pandémie de Covid-19, le mardi 20 avril 2021 à l'Assemblée nationale du Québec. LA PRESSE CANADIENNE/Jacques Boissinot

Fuites dans les médias : une tactique discutable de gestion du risque en santé publique

Le gouvernement souhaite valider la perception sociale avant d’annoncer de nouvelles mesures en divulguant la nouvelle dans les médias. Cette tactique peut aider, mais elle ne garantit pas le succès.


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