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10 ways we are different

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  1. We are a not-for-profit organisation serving the public good. We believe reliable information is the lifeblood of healthy democracy.
  2. All our articles are written by academics and researchers. Authors work with professional journalists who help them share their knowledge, at a time when people need it and in a way that it can be easily understood.
  3. We are committed to ethical journalism, with a strict Editorial Charter and codes of conduct. We are transparent: every author discloses their expertise, funding, and conflicts of interest.
  4. We don't hide our mistakes. Errors are corrected promptly and prominently to remove misinformation from the public record.
  5. All our content is free to read and republish under Creative Commons.
  6. We actively disseminate our content to more than 22,000 sites worldwide. That gives our content a global reach of 42 million readers a month, and growing.
  7. We are a global knowledge project, with staff based in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, US, Africa, Indonesia, France and Spain working with more than 149,000 specialist scholars and researchers.
  8. We avoid conflicts of interest and funders have no say over editorial decisions.
  9. We are funded by universities, research institutes and corporates, as well as foundations and reader donations.
  10. We support a healthy media ecosystem by providing ideas and media-ready experts with a focus on solutions.

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