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Exil fiscal, transition écologique, solidarité… Les enjeux du débat sont nombreux et utilisés différemment selon les échelles. Shutterstock

Calls grow in Europe for wealth tax to finance the green transition

While the return of a wealth tax in France and Germany seems unlikely, the reality is different at EU level, where supporters play up the climate argument.
Supporters of Niger’s coup leaders wave Niger’s flag (R) and a flag bearing Wagner’s logo during a protest on 16 September 2023. AFP via Getty Images

France’s decision to leave Niger was a bad move: three reasons why

France’s withdrawal from Niger could hurt the regional fight against terrorism, create an opportunity for Wagner’s influence and increase Europe’s migrant crisis.
People visit the booth of Chinese multinational electric car manufacturer Nio during the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry in Shanghai in April. Hector Retamal / AFP

The EU’s anti-subsidy investigation into electric vehicles is a risky strategy that may backfire

From restrictions on EU exports to China and Chinese exports to the EU to freezing key investments, there are many ways in which China could retaliate against the EU’s anti-dumping investigation.

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