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How is this not a case of The Emperor’s New Clothes? Image courtesy Adele Varcoe

Imagining Chanel, or naked women on a catwalk?

Fashion can be a multitude of things, from a business to an art to an attitude. But one thing is constant: the experience of the body in space and time. But what about a body dressed only by our imagination…
Models wear designs from the David Jones label at the 2014 Melbourne Fashion Festival. Joe Castro/AAP Image

Peeking under the clothes at the Melbourne Fashion Festival

If you wear clothes – and most of us do – there will be an event, exhibition or activity at this week’s Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) – which started on Monday – that will intrigue…
We can now grow clothing using bacteria. © Biocouture Ltd. 2014, BioRuff, Photography by Santiago Arribas

Fashioning science: the next revolution in wearables

Fashion has been slow to engage with wearable technologies, but this is all changing very quickly, now extending beyond digital technologies to cutting-edge fashion and science collaborations. This Thursday…

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