Amazon is coming to town

The largest public housing complex in the country, Queensbridge Houses, is located near the spot where Amazon plans to put a new headquarters. AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Amazon’s move will gentrify neighborhoods – at what social cost?

When large companies move into an area, the result is often gentrification. When this happens, the economic and social costs for displaced residents is typically high.


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An image from the International Space Station captures plumes of smoke from California wildfires on August 4, 2018. NASA

Wildfire smoke is becoming a nationwide health threat

Haze from Northern California wildfires has drifted as far east as Philadelphia. Wildfire smoke contains many potentially toxic substances, so anyone exposed to it should take basic precautions.

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A firefighter in California. Firefighting is getting more and more expensive as fires get more destructive. PETER DASILVA

The bitter lesson of the Californian fires

The California fires are just the most recent in a series of major wildfires. Together, they suggest we need to look at alternative ways of living with fire.





Why the Pilgrims were actually able to survive

The Pilgrims repeatedly thanked God for their good fortune. But without two earlier developments, the entire undertaking at New Plymouth would have likely failed.


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Muchas veces la medicación analgésica como la oxicodona ayuda a los pacientes de cáncer a lidiar con el intenso dolor tras un tratamiento, pero también puede dar lugar a un abuso de esta medicación. Steve Heal/

Superar el cáncer para morir por sobredosis: la vida difícil de las mujeres en los montes Apalaches

La epidemia de los opioides ha afectado a la región de los Apalaches, donde los índices de cáncer son altos. Muchos pacientes superan el tratamiento del cáncer para pasar a convertirse en adictos.


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