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What’s in the mind of a solo attacker? Man with gun image via

What drives lone offenders?

Lone offender – sometimes called "lone wolf" – attacks may become a more prevalent threat. What can we understand about them and the people who carry them out?

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9/11 15th Anniversary



Seeking a peaceful handover of power between parties and political opponents. Jim Young/Reuters

Election legitimacy at risk, even without a November cyberattack

It's true that sophisticated hackers may be able to tilt the presidential election. But the more likely threat to democracy comes from sore losers who sow doubt about voting integrity.


Zika virus

Most cases of Zika are asymptomatic. Airman Magazine/U.S. Air Force Photo/Tech. Sgt. Brandon Shapiro/Flickr

Zika virus: Only a few small outbreaks likely to occur in the continental US

A computer model suggests that while more cases of Zika can be expected in the continental U.S. outbreaks will probably be small and are not projected to spread.


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