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Malcolm Turnbull and Professor of Architecture Stephen Loo during a tour of the University of Tasmania’s school of architecture and design on Thursday. Scott Gelston/AAP

Grattan on Friday: Turnbull’s challenge is to avoid the Gillard trap

Is Malcolm Turnbull at risk of finding himself in a similar situation to Julia Gillard, with a disillusioned public settling into a negative view that transcends achievements of the moment?

Refusing to play the race game

For Indigenous people, refusal is a powerful act of sovereignty. In Grand Final week, it's timely to reflect on Adam Goodes' refusal to accept racism in football or an official send off when he retired - and the repercussions of his stance, a year on.

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US election

Showing your voting support with a button can be more powerful on Facebook. Shutterstock/dfoto

Can Facebook influence an election result?

Facebook has already proved it can increase the number of people who vote in elections. But what if it tries to influence how they vote?


Brain control


US Election 2016


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