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Noted works: After Homosexual

Noted Works is a new series on The Conversation devoted to long-form reviews of significant new books. See the end for further details. Dennis Altman was a young, articulate activist and out gay man when…

Asylum seekers and the dignity of work

My interview with Mr Syed did not get off to a great start. We’d arranged to meet at the Dandenong library – part of the city council building, a huge, bright orange edifice in the redeveloped heart of…

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Flight MH17

A separatist soldier hands an MH17 black box to a Malaysian delegation. EPA/Robert Ghement

Explainer: what will MH17’s black boxes reveal?

The news that the black boxes from Malaysia Airlines flight M17 has been handed over to Malaysian authorities, will lead to many questions about what information they have to offer. The two recorders have…



From the late 1990s, the world galvanised in support of dramatic increases in funding for the distribution of HIV treatments to all who needed them. World national flags/Shuttershock

It takes a global village: how we got ahead in HIV control

When AIDS first emerged in the early 1980s, HIV infection was a death sentence. But a global effort has ensured this is no longer the case for a growing number of people. The good news today is that the…


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Dogs get jealous too

Jealousy is not just a human emotion – a study has found that when owners play with a dog-like object their real canine friends…

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