The Chinese-Australian artist Guan Wei is on display in a new exhibition at the MCA. The centre piece of the exhibition is the 18x6m mural Feng Shui (2004). Guan Wei, Feng Shui, 2004, acrylic on composite board. Museum of Contemporary Art, donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Cromwell Diversified Property Trust, 2017. Image courtesy and © the artist

Visual arts

Guan Wei review: feng shui for a vision of a world in harmony

Simone Biles is the greatest gymnast the world has ever seen – but she is also unlike any other athlete the sport has known. Noushad Thekkayil/EPA

Friday essay

From delicate teens to fierce women: Simone Biles’ athleticism and advocacy have changed gymnastics forever

Simone Biles enters the 2019 World Gymnastics Championships already with the most all-around gold medals ever. The greatest of all time, she has changed the sport forever.
Musical scores for video game play utilise some traditional elements of composition but apply the latest technology.

High scores

Music that you help make: composition for video gaming draws on tradition and tech

Creators of video game sound scores have more in common with classical composers than you might think - and they create dynamic sounds and music that cleverly respond to play.
You might not know the name, but you would recognise the songs. Mojo was the advertising agency behind such classics as You Ought to be Congratulated. Screenshot/YouTube

Advertising history

Mojo: the rise and fall of an Australian advertising empire

The ABC documentary, How Australia Got Its Mojo, purported to tell the story of advertising agency Mojo. But the real story is more complex.
Through Paul Hogan and Crocodile Dundee we can learn a lot about the enduring myth of the Aussie Bloke. Paramount

Aussie culture

Paul Hogan and the myth of the white Aussie bloke

The mythical Australian bloke is white, straight, and able-bodied – he's Crocodile Dundee. But where does this legend come from, and what is his future?
Changes to superannuation legislation have had a cooling effect on arts investment in recent years. Image: An old bee farm (c. 1900) by Clara Southern. National Gallery of Victoria

Friday essay

Friday essay: The Australian art market has flatlined. What can be done to revive it?

Don't blame the global financial crisis. The Australian art market has performed poorly over the last decade - but there is plenty of growth potential.
Johnathan Van Ness (far right) has won fans from his warm persona on Queer Eye. Christopher Smith/Netflix

Attitudes & acceptance

‘The beautiful HIV-positive community’: Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness shines a spotlight on the changing face of HIV

The Queer Eye star coming out as HIV positive and the changing face of HIV is an encouraging story about the way stigma is shifting. But we still have work to do.
Siouxsie Sioux in Edinburgh in 1980: a Goth pioneer she was a big influence on the tribe known as Goth in steamy Brisbane. Wikimedia Commons


It’s hot in here: the evolution of Goth subculture in sub-tropical Brisbane

Lakes of kohl in danger of smudging in the humidity. Black clothes soaking up the sun. It took commitment to be a Goth in 80s Brisbane - here are some of the influences that shaped the scene.

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