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Our Audience


The monthly audience to The Conversation Australia & New Zealand is approximately 4 million unique users onsite, and 13.8 million through republication.

Readership of The Conversation Australia and New Zealand editions
Source: Google Analytics, Apple News, The Conversation Analytics

The monthly audience across all Conversation editions is approximately 11.4 million unique users onsite, and 40 million through republication.

Our readers are an even split between male (52%) and female (48%). The age of readers skews young, with 68% of readers under 44 years old. 90% of readers would recommend The Conversation.

Academic readership statistics
Source: Reader and Author Survey 2022

82% of readers are non-academic which supports our vision of sharing academic knowledge direct with the public. The other main sectors represented in readership are teachers (15%), healthcare/medical (12%), and government/policy (10%).

An engaged audience

We aim to democratise knowledge and work with academic experts to inject evidence into public debate. Most of our readers come to us for information they can trust and to read fresh, new perspectives not available elsewhere. The Conversation is seen to hold a unique place and a vital role in Australian media as an evidence-based news source of expertise.

Engaged audience statistics
Source: Reader and Author Survey 2022

The Conversation is a tool for change – as a conversation starter, an attitude changer and an advocacy tool.

The Conversation articles are influential in changing behaviour and attitudes. They are frequently used as a source for fact-based information in classrooms, the workplace and political sphere.

Readership statistics
Source: Reader and Author Survey 2022

Publishing in The Conversation has a direct positive impact for authors, and enables experts to inform government policy.

More than 21,090 academics have published articles on The Conversation Australia/New Zealand. After publishing with us, 85% experienced a positive impact.

58% of authors are contacted by media for follow-up, including interviews on TV, radio, online, print or elsewhere. Other ways that our authors have impact include being contacted by government (17%), invited to speak at conferences (13%), contacted for research collaboration (26%) or approached for business consultation (14%).

Author impact statistics
Source: Reader and Author Survey 2022

Publication at The Conversation also led to discussions with students (33%) and colleagues, friends and the general public (63%).