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Andrea Mantegna, Minerva (Athena) expelling Vices from the Garden of Virtue, from the Studiolo of Isabella d'Este, Palazzo Ducale, Mantua (c. 1499–1502). Louvre Museum/Wikimedia Commons

Influence, authority and power: how elite women played a crucial role in the Italian Wars of the 16th century

Women’s participation in warfare is not a recent phenomenon. Women played many roles in the Italian Wars, which engulfed Europe between 1494 and 1559.
Signs protest against land clearing at Lee Point/Binybara, Darwin. Esther Linder/AAP

Many people are feeling ecological grief. How can we help those whose work puts them at risk?

Building ecological grief literacy in workplaces can help environmental professionals manage constant exposure to the many causes of their grieving.
Jamey Stutz

A clock in the rocks: what cosmic rays tell us about Earth’s changing surface and climate

When landslides or glaciers bring rocks to the surface, cosmic rays bombard them, smashing common atoms into rarer forms and acting as a chronometer of the changing Earth.

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