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News Corp Australia’s free newspaper MX will wind up in a fortnight, the latest victim of the digital revolution. AAP/Julian Smith

MX axed: how your mobile killed off the freebie paper

You might have loved its cheeky light news, or avoided it as (literally) trash. Either way, MX will cease to exist. The killer? Your mobile phone.

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Modi one year on

Modi’s visible international engagement has been as much for domestic as international consumption. Yonhap South Korea Out/EPA/AAP

Modi the statesman must now sell domestic reform

Modi's first year in office saw him visit 19 countries, spending 52 days abroad. But his energy shown overseas has not been matched by the requisite zeal for domestic economic reform.


Iron ore

Treasurer Joe Hockey has announced that the government will not pursue an inquiry into iron ore prices. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Iron ore inquiry off but row continues

The government has given into the pressure from the big miners and formally abandoned the idea of a parliamentary inquiry into the iron ore sector.





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