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VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the upcoming budget

University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor Stephen Parker and Michelle Grattan discuss the week in politics including the lead up to May's budget, Prime Minster Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey's challenge in selling the budget, Labor's new superannuation policy and rivalries in the cabinet.

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Griffith Review – Enduring Legacies

Drape ‘Anzac’ over an argument and, like a magic cloak, the argument is sacrosanct – even though it shouldn’t be. AAP/Alexander Turnbull Library

The past is not sacred: the ‘history wars’ over Anzac

Never has the Anzac tradition been more popular and yet never have its defenders been more chauvinistic, bellicose and intolerant of other viewpoints.


Democracy Futures

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras and Pablo Iglesias of Podemos have taken their populist parties to victory in Greece and a lead in the polls in Spain. Flickr/Fanis Xouryas

Populism and democracy: friend or foe? Rising stars deepen dilemma

The rise of left-wing populism challenges those who flatly denounced right-wing populism as undemocratic. Populism can appear as a democratic force in some contexts and anti-democratic in others.



Indonesia’s anti-drug policy that enforces the death penalty for drug traffickers is in line with international law. shutterstock

Indonesia does need the death penalty to deter drug traffickers

International pressure has mounted on Indonesia in recent months to stop its enforcement of the death penalty. But Indonesia should maintain its tough anti-drug stance.



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