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Articles on Carbon dioxide (CO2)

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Afforestation is one way to offset greenhouse gas emissions. Yet it is not always easy to navigate the different types of projects or methods available, and the possibility of greenwashing is ever-present. (Shutterstock)

Carbon credits are useful for stabilizing the climate, but are they used effectively?

Offsetting greenhouse gas emissions can be an effective tool for limiting global warming. But many offset projects fail to meet their GHG reduction targets.
Aedes aegypti, found across much of the U.S., spread Zika, dengue, chikungunya and other viruses. Mailson Pignata/iStock via Getty Images

Female mosquitoes rely on one another to choose the best breeding sites − and with the arrival of spring, they’re already on the hunt

Female mosquitoes don’t want to lay their eggs alone, but they don’t want sites that are too crowded either. Understanding what guides their choice could inform new control strategies.

Fossil CO₂ emissions hit record high yet again in 2023

Record emissions are fast shrinking the remaining amount of carbon dioxide we can emit if we are to limit global warming. At current rates, we’ll use up the budget for a 1.5°C outcome in seven years.

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